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Saturday, August 09, 2014

Find out 3 Reasons Why The U.S. Is In Better Condition Compared To You Think 

Whenever we turn around we hear that the economy has sunk, unemployment is a silent killer, and the Fed will send us screaming into the abyss. While in part I agree with these ideas, I am incredibly aware of some areas where the economy is doing well. It is very difficult to be an investor in this society and still stay positive.

Hidden Reason One

Durable goods these are typically big pieces of equipment, big household appliances, company inventory, and things like that are being bought. This is a great sign because when the economy is doing bad, big price goods are normally the first items to get cut. April vehicle sales numbers were the very best we've seen since 2005 and the whole U.S. durable goods number jump almost to three percent and February was over two percent. This is a great indicator because it shows companies are increasing investment at a 4 month high.

Hidden Reason Two

Spending, at the end of last month a business survey showed over sixty percent of companies said they will increase their spending in the next year. This number is increasing from previous quarterly surveys which is a great sign. Businesses have been saving money by being tight with their budgets and now seem to be confident enough to invest in themselves again.

Hidden Reason Three

Since the financial crisis in 2008 companies have survived by being efficient and cost cutting. Recently Reuters reported that worldwide, companies are sitting on over $7 trillion in cash. Fear is in the mind of many CEOs, they don't want to lose their job by overreaching, so they've held on to massive amounts of cash. This has kept them from market r isk, but caused them to be vulnerable to being outcompeted.

Companies are countering this risk through Mergers and Acquisitions. The value of deals this year has already topped $1 trillion which is over 30% higher than in 2013 for the same time period. It's also only the third time since 1980 that the $1 trillion mark has been hit so early in a year.

Like I said earlier it is very difficult to be an investor in this society and still stay positive, however these are a few areas that should give every investor cautious hope.

Matt Golab

Matt Golab is the Chief Advisor of Aaron Matthews Financial Resources. He was recruited to write a chapter in Tom Hopkins recent book, Victory which became a National Best Seller. Matt also received the Editors Choice Award for his contribution to Victory, not every contributor is selected for this high honor.Matt is an authority on creating innovative tax and investment solutions to help his clients succeed in their retirement years. The strategies Matt Golab has established and passed on through successful financial planning with hundreds of clients over the years has launched him into the national spotlight.He is often featured in Retirement Advisor Magazine, a publication which attracts the top financial planners in the country. Matt has been featured in newspapers around the country passing on the principals for a successful retirement. Golab is often asked by national websites that focus on the education of consumers to present his knowledge on the areas of retirement and retirement income plans. Matt is frequently featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, MSN Money, The San Francisco Chronicle, Newsweek, TheSmartRetiree, Burlington County Times and appeared nationwide on ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC as well as USA Today. Matt has a weekly radio show where he discusses all aspects of retirement planning, total wealth management, and estate strategies. Through his relationship with Retirement Radio Network experts such as David Walker former Comptroller General of the United States, Harry Dent of the H.S. Dent Foundation, John Bogle of the Vanguard Funds and many more have been heard on his show Income Forever. Golab is the Author of The Consumer's Guide to Planning Your Retirement: Your Guide to Mental Peace and Financial Well Being. Matt Golab continues to expand the geographic reach of his audience and desires to bring his expertise to a nationwide television audience. Matt emphatically states his mission, "I want to change the way Americans view their retirement. They can succeed (stay retired) regardless of what happens in the market". If you would like to ask a question or get contact details for Matt Golab, please click right here. Investment Advisory Services offered through Global Financial Private Capital, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.

Friday, August 08, 2014

Great Customer Care For a Modest Kitchen Gadget 

Have you ever received such great customer support that you felt you had to tell everyone you ran into about your experience? Well that's how I feel today. I recently got a Natizo julienne peeler through Amazon so that I can make zucchini noodles. I also needed a new veggie peeler and this little gizmo is a regular peeler too. Not only is the peeler easy to use but Natizo followed up with me via e-mail to check that I 'd got the peeler and that I was happy with it.

I gave a quick reply to explain that I really like the peeler and I got a really quick response from them thanking me for my remarks and assuring me they are always happy to answer any of my future concerns. Later that week I was looking through the Natizo YouTube videos and was really delighted to discover this one. It shows the best way to get in touch with Natizo customer support if I ever have any troubles or concerns and reassured me about the level of service I can expect from them. If you have a Natizo julienne peeler and wish to get in touch with Natizo about it then this video is made for you.

I'm really impressed by the level of care and attention Natizo have provided me for such a little kitchen utensil. It has made a huge difference to the entire purchasing experience and I will definitely buy from them once more. If you haven't got your Natizo julienne peeler yet then I'd advise you to get one. It's an ingenious tool, makes light work of peeling and making zucchini noodles and has a money back promise. The video includes a link to get the peeler at the best price and I highly endorse the peeler and Natizo.

Natizo Customer Support

What Makes The Natizo Julienne Peeler So Great? 

The Natizo Julienne Peeler is an excellent little kitchen gizmo that takes the pain out of creating thin julienne slices of practically any vegetable and peeling the skin from any fruit or vegetable. There are a number of julienne peelers on the market so what is it that makes the Natizo julienne peeler so unique?

This short video has the answers. It describes the superb advantages of getting the Natizo julienne peeler and its wonderful features including the ultra sharp blades and strong stainless steel construction. Click the play button now to learn what makes it different from other julienne peelers, the free gift that comes with every purchase and how you can use this peeler in your own kitchen entirely risk free.

Natizo Julienne Peeler

Thursday, August 07, 2014

4 Pieces White Tree Felt Coasters Excellent Absorbent Perfect Home &amp; Kitchen Decoration 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! 

I initially acquired a set of the white tree coasters to use during the vacations and the winter. I found them to be extremely festive. By the time spring came, I had actually fallen in love with these coasters. They were extremely durable-- not taking any wear from the unlimited mugs and cups with the long winter season. Likewise, they did a rather impressive task of taking in wetness considering that they have holes in them. To be noted too is that they didn't scratch a single table of mine. But sadly, the winter was up and I had to transition to a new set of coasters for spring and summer season.

I searched Amazon, eventually finding my way back to this page. To my joy, green tree coasters were offered too (I either hadn't observed this initially or had actually forgotten). I acquired the green coasters quickly and anxiously awaited for their arrival. Upon delivery, I was delighted (but not surprised) to see that the quality of the green coasters was simply the very same as the white coasters. I traded my white tree coasters for green around my house, packing up the white coasters for storage. As the trees and flowers grew and came to life outdoors, I had beautiful green foliage-style coasters to match. These are the best coasters that I have actually acquired since yet and I quickly prepare to buy the grey tree set too for additional range. I highly recommend them to anybody looking for a functional yet classy coaster.

Check this out at http://www.amazon.com/White-Tree-Felt-Coasters-Satisfaction/dp/B00KA9W18A/Felt Coaster/

- Loved to have some adorable coasters that fit your dining-room / tableware?
- Wished to make your home appear even more sophisticated at an inexpensive price?
- Sick of having coasters adhering to the bottoms of your glasses?
- Fed up when coasters left marks or stain on your wooden surface after hot / cold drink sitting on them?
- Got upset when the condensation fluid dripping all over you when you pick up your drink?
- Irritated since your coasters are too small for your cup?
- Got bored of old fashion coasters that are seen everywhere?

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

If Only She Had Been Told 

A few weels ago someone i know informed me a story concerning a lady she knew of who lost thousands and thousands of dollars.

The woman's husband, a heavy smoker, was having chest pain so they took the man to the doctor and revealed he obtainedseveral spots on his lungs.His cancer had been so far advanced, they did not do any additional tests.5 days later on he passed on.

The woman's husband, who had been retired military and had spent his whole life serving his nation, had a retirement pension. However, because he was diagnosed with cancer of the lung, she was NOT entitled to his pension when he passed. She later on found out that he had been diagnosed with throat cancer, have been eligible for his total pension.

The doctors thought there was a strong possibility that he actuallyhad throat cancer and that it had metastasized to his lungs,
only at time they had no reason to perform more testing.Unfortunately when she heard about the pension qualification issue, his body had happen to be cremated.

If only she had understood earlier, she would have had an autopsy performed. And, in case the results had proved it turned out throat cancer, she would have obtained 100% of his pension, opposed to being left with absolutely nothing.

The military knew the information, but didn't offer it to her. The doctors in all probability had seen comparable cases when insurance did not cover something, however they didn't tell her to check into things or even advise her that the full diagnosis might be good for her.Not to mention, it never occurred to the woman that such a thing could occur. As is often the case, facts that may save time, money or disappointment, comes too late.

As a consumer, you have most likely dealt with an "If only I had known" circumstances. I really believe and my many happy clients believe the same thing, "they're grateful they met me, and now don't have those "If only I had known" situation. Check out the link below for the many Life Saving resources we offer to assist you avoid those "If only I had known" scenarios!


Matt Golab

Matt is an Investment Advisor Representative and also the Chief Advisor of Aaron Matthews Financial Resources located in Elk Grove, CA. For more information on Matt Take a look here.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Whenever I'm Going Down, You're Coming Beside Me!! 

The Collapse of Europe?

Look, I'm not trying to scare you here and I'm not implying it's the end of the world. The sky is not falling. What you need to know is that we're facing some very tough economic times ahead that will likely last for years. Europe is leading the wave and the rest of the world will fall like dominoes behind it.

Did you know that according to CNN, 20% of homes in Spain are unoccupied? 20%! Can you imagine just how long it will require Spain's economy to grow to absorb all that overspending? At a 2% per year growth rate for GDP, we are talking A decade. And Spain isn't alone.

Meanwhile, half a world away, China is sitting on a massive property bubble themselves. Just type in "China Ghost Towns" in Google and you'll find story upon story of cities created to hold millions of people that are sitting empty. You remember what happened here in the US in 2008 when our real estate bubble collapsed. We brought the world right into a global recession. Guess what is coming as Europe continues its collapse?

How Many Bubbles Can We Pop At Once!

You may think things are better here in the US. They are not. At a meeting a while back I heard David Walker, former Comptroller General of the US, report that our financial status is worse than every other European country except for Greece. As he put it, we are the ostrich having its head underneath the sand and a semi truck is coming directly at us. What's happening here and all over the world?

In my opinion (and David Walker's opinion as well), it all boils down to governments spending money they don't have. The boom times of the 1980's and 1990's made people believe that they could just spend more money now and earn more later to pay for it. When that all came to an end in the 2000's, you and I started scaling back. Governments did not. They actually accelerated their spending.

It doesn't take a genius to know that you cannot spend more than you have for very long before the proverbial economic "he**" breaks loose. We are there. You should expect many more years of economic turmoil as the entire world goes through various austerity programs to pay back all this money that has been already spent, yet not earned. We are seeing it in Europe, we'll see it in China, and we'll see it here.

In Conclusion

It's simple math. You can't spend more money than you make for very long before it has to be paid back. And the payback period is painful. Expect very little from the markets going forward. Make sure your personal financial house is in order if you want to survive and thrive during the upcoming years.

Matt Golab

Matt is an Investment Advisor Representative and the Chief Advisor of Aaron Matthews Financial Resources headquartered in Elk Grove, Ca. Simply click right here to learn more about Matt..

Monday, August 04, 2014

We Hope You Buy This Car Escape Tool Then Never Use It 

Have you ever lost something under the seat of your car? The LightSafe Super-Bright LED Flashlight can help you find it quickly. Have you ever gotten trapped in your vehicle during a flood and were not able to open your window or car door because of the water pressure against the door? If you had, you would quickly discover how hard it is to break that glass, even with life and death motivation!

Car Escape Tool Customer Reviews Video

Well, fortunately, I can go out on a limb here and say most, if not all of you reading this probably have experienced the first situation described above while few, if any of you have ever experienced the flood water situation. Thank heavens! And that's the way we like it - we hope and pray you never find yourself in the second of the two scenarios - or any other situation involving being unable to get out of your car! We hope and pray you never have to use the emergency features of our LifeTools.

However, one thing is for sure with DTC LifeTools: We feel certain that you SHALL find plenty of uses for our tools because we make them with routine features as well as lifesaving features. We want you to get value beyond the security of knowing you have supplied yourself and your family for those once in a lifetime emergencies. We want you to benefit from our products even if you never need to use the emergency features.

The LightSafe Auto Glass Breaker and LED flashlight is one perfect example of the way we blend everyday uses with once in a while emergency uses. Review the video above to get a feel of what our customers say about these features. These are excerpts of actual customer reviews from Amazon.com. You can find more of customer reviews on our Amazon product page as well.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Gizmount - The BEST Phone Mount - Guaranteed to work with Textured Dashboards 

The very best and Easiest Cellular phone / GPS Mount for Your Vehicle - Safer driving while keeping your phone or GPS at arm's reach.

Although I have a Navigation system in my car, I find myself utilizing my google maps from my phone more frequently. As a result, I have actually attempted numerous various ways to hold my phone in a safe manner so I can see the maps, but can't seem to find simply the ideal thing. That is up until I discovered the Gizmount-Magnetic Phone Mount, which changed my life.

I don't know about you, but when I am planning to buy nearly anything, I constantly count on Amazon. They have great customer support, fantastic & complimentary shipping, and stand behind everything they sell. So when I was doing my phone-mount search it was only natural that I would count on Amazon. I researched, and bought, a couple of items and the clear winner was the Gizmount Magnetic Phone Mount.

The Gizmount Magnetic Phone Mount, stays with my textured dashboard, the window, and pretty much any non-porous surface with ease. There is a thin mounting plate that slides in your cellular phone case or you can stick it on your phone - which stays with the magnet mount, no further messing with the phone - I simply stick it and go.

The best part is that I can also mount my ipad mini or my GPS unit. The kit features 2 mounting plates so I can easily switch over up depending on what I need.

In my State its also prohibited to have your phone in your hand while driving, so I can mount the Gizmount right where I need it and I don't need to fret about being sidetracked, but I can still hear my speakerphone clearly because its so near to me.

I have actually been on some bumpy roadways and driven a little wildly, and my phone hasn't fallen from the magnet mount yet. I can genuinely state I am kindlied with this cellular phone mount, and would recommend it to any individual.

If you are trying to find a safe and simple to make use of option to driving with your cellular phone, mini tablet, or GPS then I recommend buying the Gizmount, I have actually posted the link below. If you do end up getting it, I would love to hear your ideas on it.

Sick of Fumbling With Your Phone, and Taking Your Eyes Off The Roadway While Driving?
You will enhance your safety by upgrading the most frequently accessed devices in your car - your Phone Mount.
Gizmount Magnetic Phone Mounts enables you to gain access to and mount your phone quicker and more safely, so that you can pay attention to the roadway ahead. Exactly what makes the Gizmount the best?
- 4 Extra-Strength N4.0 phone safe rare earth magnets, firmly mount your gadget to our grippy non scratch mounting surface.
- New Suction Innovation enables mounting to textured surface areas, with 2X the power, and can be rinsed with plain water to be used over and over again. It will NOT leave a sticky residue.
- Includes 2 Ultra thin Mounting Plates so that several devices can be used with the Gizmount. Universal Application enables any size phone, GPS Gadget, Small Tablet to firmly mount to your dashboard.
- 360 degree Adjustability enables the best angle for the driver or guest.

Click to keep reading about this cell phone holder product

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