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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

If Only She Had Been Told 

A few weels ago someone i know informed me a story concerning a lady she knew of who lost thousands and thousands of dollars.

The woman's husband, a heavy smoker, was having chest pain so they took the man to the doctor and revealed he obtainedseveral spots on his lungs.His cancer had been so far advanced, they did not do any additional tests.5 days later on he passed on.

The woman's husband, who had been retired military and had spent his whole life serving his nation, had a retirement pension. However, because he was diagnosed with cancer of the lung, she was NOT entitled to his pension when he passed. She later on found out that he had been diagnosed with throat cancer, have been eligible for his total pension.

The doctors thought there was a strong possibility that he actuallyhad throat cancer and that it had metastasized to his lungs,
only at time they had no reason to perform more testing.Unfortunately when she heard about the pension qualification issue, his body had happen to be cremated.

If only she had understood earlier, she would have had an autopsy performed. And, in case the results had proved it turned out throat cancer, she would have obtained 100% of his pension, opposed to being left with absolutely nothing.

The military knew the information, but didn't offer it to her. The doctors in all probability had seen comparable cases when insurance did not cover something, however they didn't tell her to check into things or even advise her that the full diagnosis might be good for her.Not to mention, it never occurred to the woman that such a thing could occur. As is often the case, facts that may save time, money or disappointment, comes too late.

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Matt Golab

Matt is an Investment Advisor Representative and also the Chief Advisor of Aaron Matthews Financial Resources located in Elk Grove, CA. For more information on Matt Take a look here.

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