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Friday, January 16, 2015

Guitar Picks - Gift Travel Box - Special Box of 100 - Heavy, Medium &amp; Thin 

I got a birthday present of these guitar plectrums in a gift box by Big Dog Guitar. I was amazed at the quality. They are lovely in three colors. They are available in Thin, Medium and Thick. There are 100 guitar plectrums in the box with the BigDogGuitar logo. Pretty coolneat.

I like the storage box since it keeps my plectrums separate. Plus they are easy to take with me. I can even add more plectrums that I had currently. I do not believe I will lack guitar plectrums any time soon.

Occasionally I want a medium, and occasionally I want a thick guitar pick. It is nice to have such a variety at hand. I sure am pleased I got this as a gift!

***** The PERFECT Christmas Gift/ Stocking Stuffer For Your Favorite Guitar Player *****
Provide yourself (or another person) the gift of the BDG-PVB100 variety box of 100 guitar plectrums.
You will not run out for awhile for sure. These lovely guitar plectrums are available in red, green and blue in heavy, medium and thin sizes. Some tunes or guitars may feel much better with a thin pick. Some shredders just must have the heavy plectrums. The medium is a great compromise for all occasions.
This titan of a case is small enough to lug with you.
This pocket size flower shaped box makes a terrific Christmas gift, birthday gift or gift for any celebration actually. The choices are provided to you in an appealing divided clear gift box that keeps your choices separated by thickness.
This MONSTER pack of plectrums will not let you down.
You will have sufficient plectrums to last so you will not mind it so much when you lose your favorite pick. You can give them to your buddies.
These celluloid plectrums have that pearl shine that you see on some guitar pick guards or drum sets. It is a genuinely classic style. The colors are vivid and bright. The BigDogGuitar logo is a popular design too.
Satisfaction Bullet Proof - 30 Day Cash back Guarantee
Show all your buddies you can keep up the big dogs!
And keep in mind ... "You sound much better with BigDogGuitar.".

Find out more at http://www.amazon.com/Guitar-Picks-Beautiful-Celluloid-Acoustic/dp/B00PX87RV4/Guitar Picks/

Midrealm&mdash;Book One of the Realm Keepers Series of Books 

There's a reason people make fun of Young Adult novels. They can be filled with teenage angst, bad dialogue and cringe-worthy plots. All the star-crossed love in the world won't save a story about characters the reader can't like.

But there's also a reason Young Adult novels are some of the best sellers in the world, and why REALLY excellent YA novels are thought of as classics that span generations. Because the best YA novels deal with what it's like to be a teenager, while still holding entertainment and themes that speak to us grown-ups, as well.

The Realm Keepers series hits all these points hard. Written by self-published authors Garrett Robinson, the man behind the chart-topping Nightblade books, and Z.C. Bolger, author of the beloved Danny Calloway and the Puzzle House, Realm Keepers has been called "The Breakfast Club meets Harry Potter." These authors, household names in the indie publishing community, know how to mix top-notch, nuanced characters with a breathtaking plot, and a high fantasy concept that will keep you enthralled through hundreds of pages.

Get your paperback copy of the novel from Amazon today, and Amazon will give you a free copy of the book as a Kindle ebook, just as a thank you.

Order one for yourself, or get it for someone who loves reading and loves fantasy. Regardless, Realm Keepers is sure to please from beginning to end.


What if you and your friends traveled to another realm every time you slept?

What if you spent half your life here, on our planet, and the other half battling for mankind’s existence against foes too powerful to be real?

And what if you could never tell anyone?

This is life for the Realm Keepers: six regular children flung into a terrifying war in a place called Midrealm—a universe that’s the only thing between our world and Chaos. Taken from their boring lives and given extraordinary powers, they’re the only ones standing between us and an endless war that’s raged for thousands of years.

Visit Amazon for more about this young adult books product

Monday, January 12, 2015

See Shade-It Car Sun Shade Outstanding Product Testimonial! 

In this video discover what consumers are saying about Shade-It car sun shades, the best sun shade offered on the market due to its science and innovation. See for yourself and don't hesitate if your in need of securing your interior or cooling your automobile since Shade-It is striving to help US residents to enhance their driving experience.

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Shade-It is a business who is serving their consumers with them being their utmost priority, all Shade-It products come with a 100 % no questions asked Money Back Guarantee, if your not pleased were not pleased and we strive till you are. Our manufacturer has actually been in business for 10 years with 1000's of happy consumers who state nothing but good things about our car sun shade. Do not wait go now and get your Shade-It sun shade with our Limited Time Offer.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Short Video Illustrates Benefits Of Swiftons Digital Luggage Scale 

Presently American Airlines charges $ONE HUNDRED for one pound of excess travel luggage.

Swiftons recently developed a travel luggage scale that can help the air traveller completely do away with excess travel luggage fees from their lives.

Swiftons compact, handheld digital travel luggage scale was created to take the pain out of weighing travel luggage.

The travel luggage scale includes two-handed lifting and an overweight caution light. The overweight warning light flashes red when travel luggage weighs over 50 lbs and on the other hand green when travel luggage weighs under 50 lbs.

The short video explains some of the key advantages of travel luggage scales and Swiftons luggage scale specifically.

Visit Here for Excess Luggage Fees Video

Be sure you weigh prior to you leave for the airport. And also follow our simple three step process: Pack, Weigh, Relax.

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