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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Short Video Illustrates Benefits Of Swiftons Digital Luggage Scale 

Presently American Airlines charges $ONE HUNDRED for one pound of excess travel luggage.

Swiftons recently developed a travel luggage scale that can help the air traveller completely do away with excess travel luggage fees from their lives.

Swiftons compact, handheld digital travel luggage scale was created to take the pain out of weighing travel luggage.

The travel luggage scale includes two-handed lifting and an overweight caution light. The overweight warning light flashes red when travel luggage weighs over 50 lbs and on the other hand green when travel luggage weighs under 50 lbs.

The short video explains some of the key advantages of travel luggage scales and Swiftons luggage scale specifically.

Visit Here for Excess Luggage Fees Video

Be sure you weigh prior to you leave for the airport. And also follow our simple three step process: Pack, Weigh, Relax.

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