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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Sunferno Flintstone 5000mAh Solar Charger- A Pocket-friendly Smart Charger! 

Hiking across the trails of the Great Himalayan ranges, capturing amazing videos with my Sony webcam, I backpacked through the trails capturing the Wild Yaks walking across the glaziers...

At least this is what I had thought my story would sound like, until the webcam was out of battery. I looked like a dumb guy holding up a drained webcam standing all pathetic among my hiker buddies. I had to continue without videotaping the yaks(they were huge by the way).

Few of my hiker buddies had always suggested me to buy a portable battery charger. Honestly speaking I have never been a fan of toting a portable charger with me neither during my hiking trip nor during my time in the 9-5 job.

I had 2 reasons why I kept myself away from the battery chargers.

For starters, they sound like an extra weight to my care free journey. I'm a light hiker, I like the journey when I have the least weighing gears in my hiking bag. Well, even though adding a portable battery pack to my equipment list is going to increment the weight by a mere 200gm (7 ounces), I think that every little gear I add to my bag slows down my journey.

Secondly, I'm extremely pocket conscious. Imagine carrying around a pocket popping charger to your office to power up your smartphone. It doesn't sound any good.

So to satisfy the 2 parts of my life, I had to get a charger which is tough enough to deal with the rough drops during my outdoor activities in addition remain thin enough to hide in my pocket during my office time

Today, I have to say that I'm a satisfied customer of Sunferno Flintstone charger. I had bought my Flintstone charger on Amazon. Love the Amazon's delivery system. I got the charger delivered in 4 days, nicely wrapped and packed.

What blows me off is that this compact portable charger gets me almost 3 full charges for my iPhone 5S. The built-in smart charging mechanism does help me charge my gadgets quickly. The Flintstone charger can charge all USB powered 5V devices like- iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5s, 5c, 4s, 4, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note 3, S2, S3, S4, S5, Smart Cell Phones, iPods, iPads, Tablets, GPS, Camera, Bluetooth and the list continues.

I have dropped the charger few times during my camping trips but this bad boy is a solid charger. Also did I mention that the charger has solar charging capability and has an in-built flashlight?

I had contacted the customer support to guide me out on how to toggle the torch built right into it and they replied within minutes. It's great to see the customer service being so prompt particularly after the purchase.
I'm more than satisfied to recommend this charger for your outdoor activities as well as for your normal casual use.
If you decide to try the charger out(I have included the link at the bottom of this page), let me know your thoughts, I am sure you will be more than impressed!

The Amazon product listing is quoted below:

The All new Sunferno Flintstone 5000mAh Charger

Never drain the phone battery when you are outdoor.
The Flintstone charger is uniquely designed for campers, hikers along with other outdoor enthusiasts. Crafted as a sleek portable charger with all the anti-skid textured surface with rugged silicone exterior, the charger is intended to be toughand yet trendy.

Armed together with a Military-Grade Solar Panel

The inbuilt 1.2W monocrystalline solar cell has been tested & shown to be of military specifications. The 1.2W solar panel is ideal for charging the battery in case there is charge crisis.

With Ground-Breaking Lithium Polymer Battery

The super productive polymer battery will guarantee that your portable gadgets remain always charged by delivering exactly 5000mAh charge capacity.
The power bank has overcharge, over-discharge & short circuit protection. Intelligent power lock technology will guarantee that your battery charger holds the charge for days or for even months together.

Quick LED charge Indicator lights

The charger has four LED charge Indicator lights to indicate the remaining charge within the battery. Toggle the power button once to light the LED indicators to confirm the remaining charge in the power bank.

Free accessories

Every purchase includes two bonus accessories- a micro-USB cable, a carabiner.


The Sunferno Flintstone charger comes with an solid, no-hassle 1 year warranty. Sunferno is a customer centric brand, we provide you with a reliable customer service all day, every day, year-round. We'll ensure that you like your brand new Flintstone charger.

Please note: For the solar charger to perform to it's best potential, the panel ought to be positioned to face the direct sunlight. The solar panel feature is made for in case there is charge crisis only.
We recommend powering the Flintstone charger using electricity whenever possible.

Grab your Flintstone charger today!

Check this out at amazon.com/Sunferno-Flintstone-Rechargeable-Bluetooth-Electronics/dp/B00RG5T9QI/solar charger/

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Oil's Cost Plunges - What's Not to Like 

This is the title of a write-up published in the print version of Bloomberg Businessweek January 12 - January 18. It looks at the benefits of the oil decrease and also just how consumers are responding.

The marketplace's are extremely worried regarding the oil stress and also just how it will certainly affect incomes and also other asset costs. Recently the volatility in oil has been striking a wide swing with steep days up and also steep days down.

The DOW has been going down virtually in line with the come by oil costs. In addition to the come by oil costs and also it's impact on markets it also induces concern for those who remember the crisis Russia withstood in 1998 when markets faced a similar challenge.

Regardless of these possible challenges there are extremely genuine benefits consumers are experiencing today below in the U. S. Among others, lesser gasoline, diesel, jet gas, in addition to lesser automobile costs. With 70 % of the United States economic situation originating from consumer investing hardly any originates from big power. Huge power meaning pipeline investing, oil rig structure, and so on

The genuine factor markets are responding with a lot concern to oil costs goes down border global development concern. Several economists believe the oil decrease is simply revealing the weak point that already existing in the global economic situation. If oil continues to go down the impact may be viewed in slower development of united state economic situation.

As we watch the marketplace change it's energy and also adjust to account for current and also potential threats it makes it a lot more clear that a developing monetary technique and also group of consultants is essential
Matt Golab
Chief Advisor of Aaron Matthews Financial Resources.

More on Matt:
Matt Golab was sponsored to write a chapter in Tom Hopkins recent publication, Victory which became a National Best Seller. Matt also obtained the Editors Choice Award for his contribution to Victory, not every factor is chosen for this high honor. Contact details for Matt is available at his web site, www.aaronmatthewsfinancial.com by clicking here. Matt is an authority on creating innovative tax and also investment options to help his customers succeed in their retired life years. The techniques Matt Golab has established and also handed down with effective monetary preparation with hundreds of customers for many years has launched him into the nationwide spotlight.

He is typically included in Retired life Consultant Publication, a magazine which brings in the leading monetary coordinators in the nation. Matt has been included in papers around the nation handing down the principals for a successful retired life. Golab is typically asked by nationwide sites that concentrate on the education and learning of consumers to present his know-how on the areas of retired life and also retired life revenue strategies.

Matt is regularly included in The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, MSN Money, The San Francisco Chronicle, Newsweek, TheSmartRetiree, Burlington County Times and also showed up all over the country on ABC, CBS, Fox, and also NBC in addition to USA Today.

Matt has an once a week radio show where he talks about all aspects of retired life preparation, overall wealth management, and also estate techniques. With his relationship with Retired life Radio Network specialists such as David Walker previous Financial officer General of the Usa, Harry Dent of the H.S. Dent Foundation, John Bogle of the Vanguard Funds and also a lot more have actually been heard on his show Income Forever

Golab is the Writer of The Consumer's Guide to Planning Your Retirement: Your Guide to Mental Peace and Financial Well Being. Matt Golab remains to broaden the geographical reach of his audience and also wishes to bring his competence to a nationwide television audience. Matt emphatically mentions his goal, "I would like to change the way Americans view their retired life. They could succeed (stay retired) despite what occurs in the marketplace".

Investment Advisory Services offered through Global Financial Private Capital, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.

Well 2014 put up a clear banner revealing why we ought to not neglect spending for the future and also the Individual Retirement Account is one that is breaking records as a retired life funds shelter. These funds were the engine that pushed markets higher and also with 10,000 individuals retiring a day and also investments being offered to fund retired life way of lives will certainly have a frightening affect on the market for the unprepared.

Matt has been included in papers around the nation passing on the principals for a successful retired life. Golab is typically asked by nationwide sites that focus on the education and learning of consumers to present his know-how on the areas of retired life and also retired life revenue strategies.

Matt absolutely mentions his goal, "I want to change the way Americans view their retirement."

Sunday, March 29, 2015

BTM Apple iPad Mini 2 Leather Cover with Elastic Strap - Blue 

A leather case for the iPad mini can be very costly that its type of a luxury to acquire one. Nevertheless, a leather iPad mini case is really good to have because of its quality and the trendy method it is created provides you an edge when you lug around your iPad mini. In addition, the case is effectively built to fit the device, offering you that non-slip security and it is a strong case that can stand up to unintended falls, bumps and scratches.

Now all these features exist in the BTM Apple iPad Mini rotating leather case. BTM is among the leading brand names that provides safety casing for Apple gadgets and the rotating leather case for the iPad mini is among their newest designs to be launched in the market. It likewise includes cutouts for all ports and external buttons to offer you optimal access without jeopardizing its safety quality. Overall, the BTM rotating leather case is the very best safety case for your iPad mini.

More about this Leather case for ipad mini product

360 design for horizontal and vertical view
Made with smooth PU leather
Perfect fit size for iPad MINI 7.9" + Retina Display
Access to all ports, controls, and mic
Security from bumps, small falls, and scratches
Elastic strap to keep the cover closed while not being utilized
Lovely strong color
Inner plastic clips to the ipad to keep the ipad from moving
This cover will certainly NOT fit the iPad 1 Generation
Includes Screen Protector and Stylus

iPad MINI 7.9" & with with Retina Display

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