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Monday, May 25, 2015

Sensible Use Of Credit Cards 

Credit cards may be thought of as necessary by millions of consumers worldwide. Sorry to say, there is a big downside in the use of this card. One miscalculation can push you towards the ignominy of becoming debt-ridden. This is the major reason why you should discover the correct use of credit cards.

A well-liked maxim is to grow your credit history prudently! A cash management professional describes credit as a really important part of an individual's personal wealth. Learn to manage financial arrears or else you may not reach your economic targets. If you are spending in excess of your earnings, it is about time to curtail on credit card usage. Increased debt can ruin your monetary objectives eventually.

Keep track of credit card spending regularly. You should confirm your personal account on the web even if the credit card firm sends you paper records. Take a look at your email in the event the company opts for electronic billing. Make sure that the charges are precise by comparing your invoices with the statement.

Maintain minimal balances. Maximizing card limits can have an effect on credit scores adversely. In other words, you pay a lot more interests for home refinancing or automobile loans as well as higher insurance charges. Use only 30 percent of the existing balance if you want to improve your scores regardless if balances are paid fully monthly. Compare the balance with the limit and refrain from making additional purchases. Make sure to achieve the credit grade of 700 thought about by loan companies as "good."

As much as possible, repayments must be made between the closing date shown in your billing statement and the due date to stay away from penalties. Understand that card companies are at liberty to modify closing as well as due dates. Check with the company monthly prior to making payments. Be mindful that these payments are processed rightly and punctually.

Be careful with moving balances. Reduced interest rates may appear tempting. However, look carefully at the ratio between transferred balances and the new card's borrowing limit. If you add a new credit card, your score suffers apart from an extra three to four percent transfer charge. Ask for higher credit limit if you are near the present ceiling. This is another way of augmenting the gap and bettering your credit score. Do not entertain any thoughts of limit increases if you have no self-control in spending. This will just be counter-productive for you.

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

St Patricks Day: Stories and Recipes from Ireland 

'This book is a real gem. It provides a really unique understanding of St Patricks Day from an Irish viewpoint' says Eileen Savos.'It has some terrific images and super recipes. Even showing us ways to prepare tripe!'.

The Irish are famous for storytelling and not surprisingly the book weaves together lots of stories and memories from growing up in Ireland. The book offers understandings into how the Irish celebrate St Patricks Day in Ireland and viewpoints on how the Irish view the way St Patrick Day is celebrated overseas.

Key influences on Irish society including the shrine at Knock, Peig Sayers, Irish nuns and a controversial Irish language book Duil are all explored.

A great read for any individual who wants to understand St Patricks Day and a must-read for any individual preparing a speech for St Patricks day. A little nostalgia for the Irish diaspora on this special day.

Click the link to get a copy delivered straight to your phone, kindle or laptop and get the special St Patricks Day sale price.

Le gach dhea ghui!

Ever wonder how St Patrick's Day is commemorated in Ireland? Ever wonder about the St Patrick's Day parade? Exactly what do we eat and drink on St Patrick's Day? Do you remember who Peig Sayers was?
This book is a collection of St Patrick's day stories and dishes from my youth growing up in Waterford and afterwards during my corporate profession overseas and now that I have actually returned home to Ireland.
This book will be of interest to those who did not grow up in Ireland and either funny for those people who did!
This book is definitely best enjoyed with a pint of Guinness in one hand and a slab of soda bread in the other! Slainte!

Check this book out at amazon.com/St-Patricks-Day-Recipes-Stories-ebook/dp/B00IVSUU8A/St Patricks Day/

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