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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Underwater Camera Floatation Device - A Perfect Addition To Keep Your Camera Safe When Swimming! 

The Most-Needed Add-On for Every Photographer - a Waterproof Camera Float To Save You Money and Trouble

For a photography enthusiast, what's the worst feeling in the world? Imagine taking some of the most beautiful photos you'd ever taken, during your trip to the seaside. You'd gone scuba diving and captured stunning sea life. You'd shot some wonderful family memories and experiences. And all of a sudden, you drop your camera in the water... and lo and behold, you lose your camera and photos in one fell swoop. Annoying. I know this horrible feeling very well as this happened to me.

This may sound ridiculous, especially when talking about such a straightforward product, but for me, finding "Floatostuff"- a Waterproof Camera Float By Floatogear was JUST what I needed. If you're anything like me then you can not live without your camera by your side when you're out in nature ... not even for a day! I hate wasting the moment! Recently I had replaced my underwater digital camera and had arranged to visit the beach with some friends. However I was fearful about losing yet another expensive camera, not to mention the digital photos which you cannot replace.

Insurance is expensive and it doesn't replace the actual shots. But I needed to feel secure.
I found a simple but effective solution on Amazon.com- a bright yellow wrist lanyard that connected to your camera that kept the camera secure. I wasn't sure initially if it would be right but considering that I am a big fan of Amazon.com (love the fast shipping plus they have a really comforting money-back guarantee that makes sure you are always pleased with your purchase), I thought I would give them a try with this and wow did it turn out to be an excellent decision. Not only was I able to buy high quality waterproof camera floats for an excellent cost, but what really impressed me was that, unlike all the others out there that provided a similar type of product, Floatogear's one came with a 100% money back guarantee, came in a twin pack (so was excellent value) and had an eBook on the Top Ten Tips for the Best Underwater Shots FREE of cost!

They also had fantastic follow-up and customer service to make sure everything was perfect and I was entirely pleased. And all this while saving cash! Above all, it has given me something invaluable back in my capacity as a photographer - my confidence!

Maybe I just was stung too much by my previous experience, but I have genuinely never been so amazed with a item like this that completely rectifies the problem in such a way. If you are trying to find a high quality safety solution that won't cost a fortune and keep your valuables (including your keys!) secure then I encourage you to click the link below now and see for yourself. If you choose to try it out, let me know your thoughts, I am sure you will be more than impressed!


Disasters happen to everyone - but not everyone has a backup plan. Invest in your camera's safety with Floatostuff: the 100% buoyant floatation device that keeps your camera - and your precious pics - from falling into the depths of the sea and becoming fish food!

BENEFIT #1: Keeps Your Camera Safe:
- Luxury, quick-drying strap, attaches securely onto your camera
- Rigorously tested to ensure best possible durability
- Resistant to wrinkling, stretching and shrinking

BENEFIT #2: Gives You Peace of Mind:
- Don't risk losing those pics of your first surfing trip, your trip to the Copacabana, or even the cute pics of your kids playing in the kiddie pool! Keep them secure forever with Floatostuff.

BENEFIT #3: Works On Most Point-And-Shoot ZERO RISK! 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you're not 100% SATISFIED!


See more about this waterproof camera float product

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gel Pens By Bright Knight Really Are Useful! 

Just how frequently might you notice a product publicized as having 'thousands of uses?' Well, at times the advertising is right, and this really is absolutely the fact with Bright Knight Gel Pens. Whether you require gel pens for technical drawing or doodling, professional tasks or crafts and hobbies, these pens will likely suit you perfectly.

Coloring Pens

Gel Pens By Bright Knight come in a sturdy display and storage case making it straightforward to determine the appropriate color and texture you require from the Thirty-six superior quality pens in the set. They're non-toxic, acid free, fade proof and also water resistant. Meaning you can actually implement them for body art and also nail art. They are likewise suitable for young children to make use of, plus they are biodegradable, thus gel pens are actually 'greener' than standard pens

Gel pens are equally security suitable for check signing, thus there isn't any need to be troubled that you may possibly come to be a target of the 'check washing' fraud. With gel ink, the information can't be eliminated without leaving traces, and since Bright Knight Gel Pens include such firm tips, anything you write is there to stay.

Customer responses says to us that Bright Knight Gel Pens are utilized for everything and anything. Our gel pens are usually made use of for journals, planners and calendars, scrap books, recipe books, mandalas, zentangles, blueprints and prototype diagrams.

That which you desire to do, you may do it with Bright Knight Gel Pens.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Getting Going With a Perfection Silicone Baking Mat In Just Two Siimple Steps 

Now that you've taken the step to get yourself the brand-new wonder kitchen product - a Perfection Silicone Baking Mat - you're most likely feeling a little uncertain about exactly what you ought to do with it.

Do I need to put anything on it? Do I put it in the oven just as it is? Does it have to be cleaned? Is it really true I just have to put cookie dough straight on top of it?

Getting going with a Perfection Silicone Baking Mat is most likely the simplest process you will ever follow in the kitchen.

How To Start Using A Silicone Baking Mat

The first thing to do is take it out of the clear plastic sleeve it came in. You'll discover that the mat feels a bit 'sticky' or 'gummy'. This is how it is meant to feel.

You'll likewise discover that it is very wobbly and pliable, not stiff and firm as you could have anticipated. You can use your Perfection Silicone Baking Mat as it is directly on your oven racks if you are baking a couple of large products like a loaf of bread, or a pavlova or pizza. It's advised that you utilize a cookie sheet underneath your baking mat to offer your cookies support in the oven. It also makes it easier for you to get it out of the oven when your baking is completed.

So the second simple step is select a cookie sheet from your cabinet that is large enough to fit your Perfection Silicone Baking Mat so that it lies perfectly flat when you put it on top of your cookie sheet. You don't need to grease your cookie sheet. Simply put the baking mat directly on top of the clean cookie sheet and that's it! You're ready to put your cookie dough straight onto your mat and begin producing stunning home made cookies in a flash.

Absolutely nothing can be simpler! This cuts your preparation time to a matter of seconds.

And if this is not amazing enough, be prepared to be definitely pleased at how easy it is to clean up afterwards. Your cookie sheet will be perfectly clean and you just need to give your baking mat cookie sheet liner a quick rinse or wipe over. Bid farewell to uninspiring scrubbing and soaking forever!

Boombox Cell Phone Charger And Jobsite Radio Review Video 

The MiniBoomer Boombox MP3 Player, and emergency Radio combines style with safety. It is the perfect back-to-school gift for that very reason. A stylish and functional stereo that plays music from so many sources is rarely going to be very far away from it's owner, especially if the owner is still in school. But it is the security features, not the style that makes that a good thing.

Boombox MP3 Player And Emergency Radio

The MiniBoomer not only plays music from just about any format you can think of including SD Card, USB Drive, and Bluetooth ready devices; it also charges cell phones, tunes into every available local radio station (good for following approaching weather systems and such), sports an awesome LED Flashlight with a loud siren and flashing emergency beacon to get attention or scare off small animals (including the two legged kind!)

Boy! That was a mouthful and I still didn't get to mention all of the details of this versatile boombox MP3 Player, and phone charger! Well, when you watch the video, if you haven't already done so, you can read reviews from several happy customers about other benefits of the MiniBoomer.

In fact, there was one recent review that brought up a use I hadn't even dreamed of - using the loud siren and flashing beacon to help rescuers find you underneath a collapsed building. Hurricanes, tornadoes and other disasters might leave you in such a situation. Anyway, I am sure I don't have to warn you not to tell them "I got it because it's good for you and can keep you safe." Play up the MP3 feature, the dual track stereo, and how it can be paired to any of their Bluetooth enabled devices allowing them to listen in any room of the house.

Monday, August 25, 2014

High Power USB Car Charger Gets the Job Done Fast with Style 

I've got a couple USB car chargers stored away somewhere in drawers. The excuse I do not use them is they charge my gadgets slowly and do not look that good. I've been thinking some company would make one that chargers fast and looks good.

Recently, I came across a new unit on Amazon that looked worth a try, so I ordered it. This time I lucked out. Since it's arrived I've used it every day. The obvious question is what's the difference? Well it seems all portable chargers are not created equal, and if you have the Samsung Galaxy S5 it can seriously make a difference.

What exactly makes this one so special? First, it's got a clean, compact and attractive design and simply looks good in your automobile. Second, it gets the job done quickly. As mentioned, my other chargers took forever to recharge my cell phone or tablet. This one has two ports and can charge both phone and tablet at full speed and simultaneously. No more days when my phone is running out of juice when I need it a lot. This puppy keeps all my gadgets prepared and going strong. It's also got a nice blue LED light making it easy to see when it's dark. From design to operation it simply works. It's reasonably priced from Amazon with a money back guarantee for peace of mind.

When I leave town I drop it in my travel bag for use with rentals. If you've not noticed when traveling, navigation apps will suck the charge out of your smart phone much faster than you can say, "My phone is dead.".

So if you're searching for a great compact dual USB car charger for your iPhone, iPad or Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet I highly recommend you to click the link below and check this one out. I think you'll be excited and find it companion day and night. Feel free to let me know what you think.

Find out more at amazon.com/Automobile-Illuminated-Portable-Cigarette-Quantities/dp/B00L3NURAQ/USB car charger/

High Speed Charging for your favorite multiple gadgets all at once, including iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, Note, HTC, Blackberry, Sony, Motorola, Google, Kindle, Digital Cameras, PDAs, and many other smart phones.

High Power Capacity featuring an Input: DC12-24V; and Output: DC5V 3.4 A or even higher (true validated output). Note: many compact USB car chargers claim a greater output than they can risk free provide.

Two USB Ports using advanced Smart IC deliver protection from short circuit, overcharge, and over-heating. Engineered to charge major gadgets at full speed and efficiently.

The Bluemagus Car Charger is CE, FCC, and RoHS, ISO9001 Certified, making it secure and reliable for all mobile charging applications.

Super compact, attractive and portable design, manufactured from fireproof, non-conducting material. Easy night viewing with blue LED light.

Bentonite Detox Facial Mask by SINIVALIA - Face Clay Mask for Women and Men 

Being over 30 years old, my skin is not getting any younger, so I turn to detox face masks whenever I'm in need of a facial pick-me-up. As a busy professional, I'm constantly looking for effective and fuss-free skincare products. I try to find skincare products made with natural ingredients, because the long-term health of my skin matters to me and the chemicals used in non-natural facial masks are too harsh and soon take their toll on my complexion.

Sinivalia detox face mask was recommended to me by a beauty therapist and it didn't take me long to realize that this product was exactly what I 'd been looking for. The bentonite clay in this facial mask has more than 70 trace minerals that nourished my skin from the minute I put it on. I left the mask on for 15 minutes and I could instantly feel the cooling and relaxing effect of the clay on my skin - it was like having a luxury spa treatment at home!

The mask washed off easily and it revealed a glowing, clear, and even complexion. My skin felt taut and clean, and after putting some moisturiser on, all the traces of fatigue, blocked pores, and dehydration were gone. I also loved that this product is not tested on animals and that it is made in the U.K.
This exfoliating and clarifying detox face mask has had remarkable anti-ageing effects on my skin, and they have become more apparent with repeated use.

Ordering it with Amazon is simple and convenient, and I know that my purchases are safe. Discounted prices are offered from time to time and there's free delivery with this product, so this face mask is excellent value. There's even a 100 per cent money back guarantee on this product, so you just can not go wrong with it.

Experiencing the benefits of this amazing natural skincare product only takes a few clicks of the mouse. Merely type 'Sinivalia detox face mask' using Amazon's search function, add the product to your basket, and your little tin of luxurious goodness will be delivered to your door in no time.

Powerful Exfoliating Facial For Everybody - The Secret to Clear and Younger Looking Skin

Natural Bentonite Clay make our detox face mask a perfect solution for all skin kinds.

Have dry skin or signs of ageing?

SINIVALIA Detox Face Mask is the best natural anti-aging skin care solution for males and females.

Each use improves skin quality while assisting to minimize imperfections.

When skin is dehydrated or deprived of nutrients, signs of ageing are more likely to develop. Bentonite clay is packed with nutrients that support skin health and promote a youthful glow.

The detox clay consists of over 70 trace minerals, and it is the most effective healing clay used in skin care products.
After use, the skin appears moisturised and more refined.

Do you have blemished, oily skin or acne?

Chronic skin inflammation and acne can cause marks and premature ageing.
Our mask calms and delicately exfoliates the skin, assisting to get rid of surface impurities and flush out toxins from the skin.
The formula is perfect for blackhead-prone complexions.

The best ways to Use The Mask

Mix with water or our Rose Toner. Apply for 15 minutes and see results!
This natural skincare product is safe to use on even most sensitive of skin.

Made in the UK, the facial natural mask is backed by a 100 % money back guarantee.

We Care

SINIVALIA is dedicated to developing the best natural skin care products that work and enjoyable to use.

We are dedicated to quality control and respect your right to use the ingredients that are as natural as possible and do not harm your body.

Check this out at amazon.co.uk/Bentonite-Detox-Face-Mask-SINIVALIA/dp/B00H2RGY7M/Face Mask/

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Activist Investors, Are They Bad or Good? 

Warren Buffett is one of the world's most famous and successful "value investors" who coined a rather well-known line several years ago:

"Price is what you pay, and value is what you get"

Even though this statement might seem overly simplistic for a person whose net worth is greater than several billion dollars, the Investment Committee would suggest that all investor memorize this phrase (perhaps even print out a copy and hang it on a wall).

For instance, let's say that we were to find an Armani sweater concealed in the racks at a discount retailer for 75% off the retail price, simply because there's a small hole within the fabric. We could purchase the sweater, fix the little hole, and then have a very nice sweater for a fraction of the price.

Comparable possibilities exist in equity markets, and value investing is predicated upon the concept that these markets overreact to negative information. In the example above, the Armani store overreacted to the small hole in a sweater and chose to dump it at an assumingly low price. Our savvy discount shopper realized the opportunity and purchased an asset that has been unfairly punished.

Stock prices often overreact in a similar manner and value investors who are able to see the opportunity and are patient enough to wait for a thesis to play out can realize substantial returns. The trick, on the other hand, is to take notice of the value as opposed to the price.

Value investors who make the mistake of concentrating on price alone often end up buying "value traps". These are stocks that screen cheap but are cheap for a reason. Let's say that the hole in the Armani sweater was swapped for a large discoloration on the back of a sleeve. Had our shopper not extensively evaluated the sweater, he would have bought something that would likely never be seen out in public.

To put it simply, value investors don't buy stocks because they are cheap, but rather for the reason that they signify a good value. Furthermore, their level of involvement will classify them into one of two types:

Passive: These investors buy value stocks and then wait for the value to be identified by the market. The Investment Committee employs a passive strategy with our investments.

Active: These investors see opportunity in stocks that they feel management is missing. They take an active role in the value creation and will frequently get aggressive if they feel that action is needed to get a company to change their ways.

Passive investing is relatively straightforward because it's not much more than a "buy and hold" strategy. On the other hand, active investing can be quite complex as well as highly aggressive at times.

Here's how it works:

The activist investor screens for undervalued companies and discovers exactly why a specific company is undervalued. If actions by management can make that value realized, they will acquire the stock. Some examples of potential management actions that can create value include spinning off subsidiaries or under performing divisions, using cash to buy back stock or paying a larger dividend, sell the company, etc.

NOTE: Most activist investors need considerable amounts of capital because they must purchase enough stock to be taken seriously. In most cases, an activist investor needs 5% or more of the shares outstanding to achieve the "muscle" necessary to fight with management.

Typically, the activist investor will meet with the management team of the company to make their case to unlock value within the enterprise. These conversations often go nowhere given a strong dislike towards change from management (think about the number of CEOs would welcome criticism from a third party party) or due to a fundamental disagreement on just how much value can be revealed.

If conversations with management are not constructive, then the activist investor will often publicly lobby the Board of Directors to adopt their proposed changes. The Board oversees company management and is established to serve in the best interest of shareholders. Thus, they have the ability to change managers and force some level of change when required.

If both the management team and Board resist an activist investor's idea(s), a "proxy fight" can arise. Essentially, the activist will lobby other large stockholders to attempt to get enough shareholder votes to force the Board to generate change. All in, the whole process could take years and require a tremendous amount of time, effort, and most of all patience.

To put it simply, the main difference between an active and passive investor is that although both strive to identify hidden value in a stock, an active investor will take part in unlocking that value whereas a passive investor leaves that job to the present management.

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Activists are tenacious and will publicly fight with management for years when necessary. In fact, many will lobby government officials and even get litigious with Boards. Although many of their tactics may appear hostile, they serve a very important purpose in markets because managers realize that when they destroy shareholder value, activists will likely be there to step in and demand change.

For instance, the management team at Apple had been criticized for years over their exorbitantly large cash balance, which surpassed $150 billion at one point. Such a large cash balance sitting in the bank earns no interest, and financial theory states that if a company has no credible growth prospects they should give cash back to shareholders so they can redeploy that cash into better investments.
Even with shareholder frustrations, Apple was never the target of an activist until their stock fell from close to $800 down to $500 in a matter of months. The pressure on management continued to escalate to the point where two very well known activists, Carl Icahn and David Einhorn, got involved. Both investors are quite powerful on Wall Street and are savvy enough to know how to apply pressure to corporate management and Boards.

The end result has been a much more shareholder friendly Apple, where they now pay a strong dividend and have been buying back shares. The Investment Committee strongly agreed with the activists involved in Apple because the company was not acting in the best interest of shareholders who did not have as strong of a voice as Mr. Icahn.

Although this example with Apple shows the good in activists, there have been several scenarios where the bad, and even the ugly, has emerged. At the end of the day, activists are trying to make money and often their incentives are not aligned with the long-term health of a target company.

Activists have been known to fight to achieve short-term results that will cause only a temporary pop in the stock. The activist will then book a healthy profit by selling the stock with little regard to the long-term fundamental health of the company. Furthermore, activists tend to force managers to spend time and energy fighting them instead of dedicating their focus to running the business.

Implications for Investors

One of the most basic economic principles is that people are "self-interested". Meaning, our primary goal is to better our lives over the long run. Activists have clients that are paying them to grow their investment just as any investor would expect. Therefore, it's important to remember that these activists may make decisions that benefit their investors but hurt the shareholders of the companies they target.

Although activists may not always have their incentives aligned with their targets, they serve an important role in markets because they create a form of "checks and balances" with shareholders that are too small to have a voice. Managers who make repeated mistakes and destroy shareholder value should be held accountable, and if a Board is not acting in the best interest of its shareholders, then activists step in because they recognize value and will fight to unlock it.
The bottom line is that the Investment Committee applauds activists only when their efforts are intended to enhance the long-term benefit for the company and its shareholders.

(Article Credit: Global Financial Private Capital, Comprehensive Wealth Management, LLC)

Matt Golab

Matt Golab is the Chief Advisor at Aaron Matthews Financial Resources. Matt Golab was recruited to write a chapter in Tom Hopkins recent book, Victory which became a National Best Seller. Matt also received the Editors Choice Award for his contribution to Victory, not every contributor is selected for this high honor. Matt is an authority on creating innovative tax and investment solutions to help his clients succeed in their retirement years. The strategies Matt Golab has established and passed on through successful financial planning with hundreds of clients over the years has launched him into the national spotlight. He is often featured in Retirement Advisor Magazine, a publication which attracts the top financial planners in the country. Matt has been featured in newspapers around the country passing on the principals for a successful retirement. Golab is often asked by national websites that focus on the education of consumers to present his knowledge on the areas of retirement and retirement income plans. Matt is frequently featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, MSN Money, The San Francisco Chronicle, Newsweek, TheSmartRetiree, Burlington County Times and appeared nationwide on ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC as well as USA Today. Golab is the Author of The Consumer's Guide to Planning Your Retirement: Your Guide to Mental Peace and Financial Well Being. Matt Golab continues to expand the geographic reach of his audience and desires to bring his expertise to a nationwide television audience. Matt emphatically states his mission, "I want to change the way Americans view their retirement. They can succeed (stay retired) regardless of what happens in the market". If you would like to ask a question or get contact info for Matt Golab, please click here. Investment Advisory Services offered through Global Financial Private Capital, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.

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