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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Getting Going With a Perfection Silicone Baking Mat In Just Two Siimple Steps 

Now that you've taken the step to get yourself the brand-new wonder kitchen product - a Perfection Silicone Baking Mat - you're most likely feeling a little uncertain about exactly what you ought to do with it.

Do I need to put anything on it? Do I put it in the oven just as it is? Does it have to be cleaned? Is it really true I just have to put cookie dough straight on top of it?

Getting going with a Perfection Silicone Baking Mat is most likely the simplest process you will ever follow in the kitchen.

How To Start Using A Silicone Baking Mat

The first thing to do is take it out of the clear plastic sleeve it came in. You'll discover that the mat feels a bit 'sticky' or 'gummy'. This is how it is meant to feel.

You'll likewise discover that it is very wobbly and pliable, not stiff and firm as you could have anticipated. You can use your Perfection Silicone Baking Mat as it is directly on your oven racks if you are baking a couple of large products like a loaf of bread, or a pavlova or pizza. It's advised that you utilize a cookie sheet underneath your baking mat to offer your cookies support in the oven. It also makes it easier for you to get it out of the oven when your baking is completed.

So the second simple step is select a cookie sheet from your cabinet that is large enough to fit your Perfection Silicone Baking Mat so that it lies perfectly flat when you put it on top of your cookie sheet. You don't need to grease your cookie sheet. Simply put the baking mat directly on top of the clean cookie sheet and that's it! You're ready to put your cookie dough straight onto your mat and begin producing stunning home made cookies in a flash.

Absolutely nothing can be simpler! This cuts your preparation time to a matter of seconds.

And if this is not amazing enough, be prepared to be definitely pleased at how easy it is to clean up afterwards. Your cookie sheet will be perfectly clean and you just need to give your baking mat cookie sheet liner a quick rinse or wipe over. Bid farewell to uninspiring scrubbing and soaking forever!

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