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Monday, August 25, 2014

Bentonite Detox Facial Mask by SINIVALIA - Face Clay Mask for Women and Men 

Being over 30 years old, my skin is not getting any younger, so I turn to detox face masks whenever I'm in need of a facial pick-me-up. As a busy professional, I'm constantly looking for effective and fuss-free skincare products. I try to find skincare products made with natural ingredients, because the long-term health of my skin matters to me and the chemicals used in non-natural facial masks are too harsh and soon take their toll on my complexion.

Sinivalia detox face mask was recommended to me by a beauty therapist and it didn't take me long to realize that this product was exactly what I 'd been looking for. The bentonite clay in this facial mask has more than 70 trace minerals that nourished my skin from the minute I put it on. I left the mask on for 15 minutes and I could instantly feel the cooling and relaxing effect of the clay on my skin - it was like having a luxury spa treatment at home!

The mask washed off easily and it revealed a glowing, clear, and even complexion. My skin felt taut and clean, and after putting some moisturiser on, all the traces of fatigue, blocked pores, and dehydration were gone. I also loved that this product is not tested on animals and that it is made in the U.K.
This exfoliating and clarifying detox face mask has had remarkable anti-ageing effects on my skin, and they have become more apparent with repeated use.

Ordering it with Amazon is simple and convenient, and I know that my purchases are safe. Discounted prices are offered from time to time and there's free delivery with this product, so this face mask is excellent value. There's even a 100 per cent money back guarantee on this product, so you just can not go wrong with it.

Experiencing the benefits of this amazing natural skincare product only takes a few clicks of the mouse. Merely type 'Sinivalia detox face mask' using Amazon's search function, add the product to your basket, and your little tin of luxurious goodness will be delivered to your door in no time.

Powerful Exfoliating Facial For Everybody - The Secret to Clear and Younger Looking Skin

Natural Bentonite Clay make our detox face mask a perfect solution for all skin kinds.

Have dry skin or signs of ageing?

SINIVALIA Detox Face Mask is the best natural anti-aging skin care solution for males and females.

Each use improves skin quality while assisting to minimize imperfections.

When skin is dehydrated or deprived of nutrients, signs of ageing are more likely to develop. Bentonite clay is packed with nutrients that support skin health and promote a youthful glow.

The detox clay consists of over 70 trace minerals, and it is the most effective healing clay used in skin care products.
After use, the skin appears moisturised and more refined.

Do you have blemished, oily skin or acne?

Chronic skin inflammation and acne can cause marks and premature ageing.
Our mask calms and delicately exfoliates the skin, assisting to get rid of surface impurities and flush out toxins from the skin.
The formula is perfect for blackhead-prone complexions.

The best ways to Use The Mask

Mix with water or our Rose Toner. Apply for 15 minutes and see results!
This natural skincare product is safe to use on even most sensitive of skin.

Made in the UK, the facial natural mask is backed by a 100 % money back guarantee.

We Care

SINIVALIA is dedicated to developing the best natural skin care products that work and enjoyable to use.

We are dedicated to quality control and respect your right to use the ingredients that are as natural as possible and do not harm your body.

Check this out at amazon.co.uk/Bentonite-Detox-Face-Mask-SINIVALIA/dp/B00H2RGY7M/Face Mask/

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