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Friday, January 16, 2015

Midrealm&mdash;Book One of the Realm Keepers Series of Books 

There's a reason people make fun of Young Adult novels. They can be filled with teenage angst, bad dialogue and cringe-worthy plots. All the star-crossed love in the world won't save a story about characters the reader can't like.

But there's also a reason Young Adult novels are some of the best sellers in the world, and why REALLY excellent YA novels are thought of as classics that span generations. Because the best YA novels deal with what it's like to be a teenager, while still holding entertainment and themes that speak to us grown-ups, as well.

The Realm Keepers series hits all these points hard. Written by self-published authors Garrett Robinson, the man behind the chart-topping Nightblade books, and Z.C. Bolger, author of the beloved Danny Calloway and the Puzzle House, Realm Keepers has been called "The Breakfast Club meets Harry Potter." These authors, household names in the indie publishing community, know how to mix top-notch, nuanced characters with a breathtaking plot, and a high fantasy concept that will keep you enthralled through hundreds of pages.

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Order one for yourself, or get it for someone who loves reading and loves fantasy. Regardless, Realm Keepers is sure to please from beginning to end.


What if you and your friends traveled to another realm every time you slept?

What if you spent half your life here, on our planet, and the other half battling for mankind’s existence against foes too powerful to be real?

And what if you could never tell anyone?

This is life for the Realm Keepers: six regular children flung into a terrifying war in a place called Midrealm—a universe that’s the only thing between our world and Chaos. Taken from their boring lives and given extraordinary powers, they’re the only ones standing between us and an endless war that’s raged for thousands of years.

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