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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Gizmount - The BEST Phone Mount - Guaranteed to work with Textured Dashboards 

The very best and Easiest Cellular phone / GPS Mount for Your Vehicle - Safer driving while keeping your phone or GPS at arm's reach.

Although I have a Navigation system in my car, I find myself utilizing my google maps from my phone more frequently. As a result, I have actually attempted numerous various ways to hold my phone in a safe manner so I can see the maps, but can't seem to find simply the ideal thing. That is up until I discovered the Gizmount-Magnetic Phone Mount, which changed my life.

I don't know about you, but when I am planning to buy nearly anything, I constantly count on Amazon. They have great customer support, fantastic & complimentary shipping, and stand behind everything they sell. So when I was doing my phone-mount search it was only natural that I would count on Amazon. I researched, and bought, a couple of items and the clear winner was the Gizmount Magnetic Phone Mount.

The Gizmount Magnetic Phone Mount, stays with my textured dashboard, the window, and pretty much any non-porous surface with ease. There is a thin mounting plate that slides in your cellular phone case or you can stick it on your phone - which stays with the magnet mount, no further messing with the phone - I simply stick it and go.

The best part is that I can also mount my ipad mini or my GPS unit. The kit features 2 mounting plates so I can easily switch over up depending on what I need.

In my State its also prohibited to have your phone in your hand while driving, so I can mount the Gizmount right where I need it and I don't need to fret about being sidetracked, but I can still hear my speakerphone clearly because its so near to me.

I have actually been on some bumpy roadways and driven a little wildly, and my phone hasn't fallen from the magnet mount yet. I can genuinely state I am kindlied with this cellular phone mount, and would recommend it to any individual.

If you are trying to find a safe and simple to make use of option to driving with your cellular phone, mini tablet, or GPS then I recommend buying the Gizmount, I have actually posted the link below. If you do end up getting it, I would love to hear your ideas on it.

Sick of Fumbling With Your Phone, and Taking Your Eyes Off The Roadway While Driving?
You will enhance your safety by upgrading the most frequently accessed devices in your car - your Phone Mount.
Gizmount Magnetic Phone Mounts enables you to gain access to and mount your phone quicker and more safely, so that you can pay attention to the roadway ahead. Exactly what makes the Gizmount the best?
- 4 Extra-Strength N4.0 phone safe rare earth magnets, firmly mount your gadget to our grippy non scratch mounting surface.
- New Suction Innovation enables mounting to textured surface areas, with 2X the power, and can be rinsed with plain water to be used over and over again. It will NOT leave a sticky residue.
- Includes 2 Ultra thin Mounting Plates so that several devices can be used with the Gizmount. Universal Application enables any size phone, GPS Gadget, Small Tablet to firmly mount to your dashboard.
- 360 degree Adjustability enables the best angle for the driver or guest.

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