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Monday, August 04, 2014

We Hope You Buy This Car Escape Tool Then Never Use It 

Have you ever lost something under the seat of your car? The LightSafe Super-Bright LED Flashlight can help you find it quickly. Have you ever gotten trapped in your vehicle during a flood and were not able to open your window or car door because of the water pressure against the door? If you had, you would quickly discover how hard it is to break that glass, even with life and death motivation!

Car Escape Tool Customer Reviews Video

Well, fortunately, I can go out on a limb here and say most, if not all of you reading this probably have experienced the first situation described above while few, if any of you have ever experienced the flood water situation. Thank heavens! And that's the way we like it - we hope and pray you never find yourself in the second of the two scenarios - or any other situation involving being unable to get out of your car! We hope and pray you never have to use the emergency features of our LifeTools.

However, one thing is for sure with DTC LifeTools: We feel certain that you SHALL find plenty of uses for our tools because we make them with routine features as well as lifesaving features. We want you to get value beyond the security of knowing you have supplied yourself and your family for those once in a lifetime emergencies. We want you to benefit from our products even if you never need to use the emergency features.

The LightSafe Auto Glass Breaker and LED flashlight is one perfect example of the way we blend everyday uses with once in a while emergency uses. Review the video above to get a feel of what our customers say about these features. These are excerpts of actual customer reviews from Amazon.com. You can find more of customer reviews on our Amazon product page as well.

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