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Monday, April 26, 2004

What Is Going on in the World? 

Before You Were Born

Before you were born, you were not on this planet. Or, maybe you were. But, at some time, you were not, you were elsewhere, before you were born, yes?


When You Were Born

When you were born, you came to this planet, that you call "the world". Or before you were born, you came to here. You wanted to know, "what is going on in the world?"


Why Do You Ask?

Why do you ask? You want to orient yourself in the wave of doins. Is that a right assessment of your position today?


Many Reportins Are

There are tons of reportins, that give to you names of individuals, of groups, and the events that they have taken a hand in.


"They" Called It "News", But It Has Been Selective

The folks, who have managed to get hold of the broadcastin media, have chosen to call those reports "news".   The work, of choosin what to tell you about -- and what to not tell you about -- is truly selective.


"Their" Tale has not Been the Whole Tale

They have not given to you the whole story. Click for What Is Going On In The World -- The Hidden Side -- Part 1: "GRANDFATHER, PRIEST, KING" -- "The Analogy" Part 2

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