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Monday, March 30, 2009

The Hidden Side -- Part 1:


"The Analogy" Part 2
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America should be called "Beulah Land". The word "America" may be a freemasonic-chosen word. Therefore, it may not be worthy. We could use the words "Beulah Land".

In Bible, it is called "Beulah Land", the land between 2 oceans, far to the west, through the pillars of Hercules, where the smooth folk dwell. Bible has other words for the place called "Beulah Land", as well.

The beginnin of the word "world" comes from "Wr Ald", which means "most old". The Earth is not the "most old", it is not right to call Earth "world".

Wrald, or world, is older than Earth, is older than stars. "World", rightly, means about the same as "God", nowadays. Amon some of the Indians, of Beulah land, is an idea about the grandfather. Let me start with the "grandfather tree".

Amon some of the Indians, of Beulah Land, is an idea about the grandfather. Let me start with the "grandfather tree".

Accordin to their way of seein thins, one tree grows big, drops a lot of seeds to the ground. The seeds, from that big tree, form new trees.

The new trees grow up around the first big tree, and they are smaller, because they came after the big tree got big.

Next, the smaller trees get big, and they drop seeds. The seeds form a 3rd generation of trees, and here you have a woods, where all the trees, of that same kind, came from the one big tree, the grandfather tree.

Naturally, there are other kinds of tree, and other kinds of plant growin in the neighborhood.

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