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Saturday, May 07, 2016

Inaugural Historical Trivia Meeting a Smashing Success 

The first meeting of what is to become a global replacement for bars, night clubs, and mass media entertainment was held in Frostburg Maryland on April the thirteenth.  Folks came from afar, even as far away as Ghana.


The Tru University, a branch of the Tru Keesey Ministries, sponsors from that day fun educational meetins in the eventide.


This particular format is called the "Trivia Contest".  Special historical videos are watched by the attendees, who write down trivial questions.  Each one in the group is tested competitively, as in "Jeopardy".  The front runners are rewarded with savory cupcakes.


More meetings are to be held in the passage of time, and expansion is to be at first throughout the English-speakin cosmos.

It may be that you are one of those, who want to know, "What was the video".  To find your answer, visit this website: historytriviasociety.blogspot.com/

Keep comin back to this blog and you will learn of the goin forward of the Replacement Culture for the End of the Age. 

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