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Friday, June 19, 2015

Excellent New Neck Pillow Brings Unsurpassed Comfort To Your Travels 

I understand you're most likely thinking "what could possibly be new about a neck pillow?" It's U formed and you put it around your neck when taking a trip by airplane, train or car. Exactly what else can you do with a neck pillow, it only has one shape and one use, right?

That's pretty much what I thought as well up until I took a serious look at the U-Squared Dual Shape Neck Pillow. Was I ever amazed! It's the very same dimensions as a standard neck pillow, however it has a rectangular shaped pillow inside! It's not too firm, simply enough to support your head and neck correctly. And the fabric is very soft but sturdy, and the stitching is rugged too.

I'm constantly on the lookout for well-designed multipurpose products. If I can have simply a single item instead of two and get the very same use out of it or more, you can bet I'll pick the multi-use product. And considering that I love Amazon-- their money-back guarantee and quick shipment-- it makes it that much easier to purchase online and be guaranteed that you'll be delighted with your purchase.

Do you remember the golden era of air travel in the 50s & 60s? Well if you don't, traveling by air was everything about luxury and convenience! Flying was certainly not as easily accessible as it is today, it was the domain of high income earners and company executives. A rather exclusive bunch!

And talk about an experience! Sharp-dressed travelers got nothing less than 5-star treatment on their airborne adventure.

Fine dining consisted of genuine china and linens, with after dinner drinks to round off a delicious meal. And later on travelers would stretch out in their sleeper seats all snug in a comfortable blanket, head on a soft pillow dozing off to the drone of the aircraft engines.

Well that was then, and we know how travel today has been stripped of niceties, however you can still bring your very own little bit of convenience along, whether your trip is by plane, train, or car with the U-Squared Dual Shape Neck Pillow.

I understand that's a mouthful, however that's because U-Squared is a different type of
travel pillow. Its 2-in-1 design and several uses make it ideal for various travel circumstances and permit you to reach your location fresh and all set to go.

Give it a try, I'm sure you'll be happy you did!

A new twist on the traditional neck pillow, the U-Squared Double Shape Transforming Neck Pillow is not simply for travel. It has lots of uses both in your home and away. The U-Squared also makes a great present for all the travelers in your household!

Created for quick and simple change-up, U-Squared goes from U to rectangle in just 30 seconds.

TRAVEL: On long trips, avoid stiff neck muscles from unsupportive airplane seat backs when snoozing.

The U shape carefully nestles your neck and helps to hold your head, restricting side-to-side rolling that strains not only the neck but the upper back as well.

MULTI-PURPOSE: The distinct double design means that it maintains its shape and is firm enough to support head and neck without collapsing, yet soft enough to be comfy. At the house or once you've gotten to your hotel, the U-Squared works simply as well. Use it in its U or square shape while reading in bed or viewing late night TV on the couch.

SLEEP: For those who prefer to sleep on their side however have hip and low back pain, simply put the rectangular shaped pillow in between your knees. It does an awesome job of easing the stress.

WORKPLACE: Right here's another use for U-Squared at the workplace in either the rectangle shape or U shape. As a rectangle, put it behind your low back in either orientation. As a U, place it in your low back "arms" up. You might discover that it does a wonderful job of improving your posture when working at a desk.

HYPOALLERGENIC: Full of hypoallergenic polystyrene microbeads, the U-Squared is very light at a tad under 7 ounces and OEKO-TEX ® Standard 100 certified.

SIMPLE CARE: Naturally your U-Squared is easy-care, so keeping it in its pristine condition is a snap - machine wash on the delicate cycle and machine air dry.

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