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Thursday, May 07, 2015

The Search For The Capo To Use On Your Prized Possession Is Over 

Like me, when your guitar is your most prized possession, which you play everyday and is the one of the main factors for pleasure in your life, how do you find a guitar capo that will truly do it justice?

I like to play tunes just as they have been recorded, meaning often I need to clip a capo onto my precious guitar to provide me those sultry tunes at the right pitch. I need to make sure that the capo I buy will not harm my precious guitar, put my guitar out of tune or give me that horrible fret buzz after I have removed the capo.

Having tried lots of capos, I found that some were just too tight, some too loose, some improperly made and a lot that just looked like everyone else's capo!

It felt fantastic when I finally came across a high quality product that I was not afraid to clamp onto my lovely guitar, which didn't produce any buzz and was such a cool color. To top everything I got a free online lesson with some cool riffs to play on my guitar.

Staying in the 21st Century, you can not get away from technology and believe me, there is no technology much better than Amazon.com (lightening quick shipment and great customer support to guarantee you are absolutely happy with your product). I got my Capo in double-quick time and logged straight into the lesson with the password supplied in the box. I got to discover some awesome riffs from the recording which I can play back anytime.

I am so grateful I purchased a capo from Funky Capos as they appear to truly appreciate us guitar players, and at such an affordable cost! If you are seeking to include a capo to your collection or trying to find your first capo, I encourage you to click the link below and order yours so you can see for yourself. If you do choose to take my simple recommendations, I would like to hear from you as I am sure you will agree that you will not be disappointed.

Are you Addicted To 6 Strings?
FUNKY CAPOS - Putting the FUNK Back into your Riffs
- In stock in the UNITED STATES and prepared to deliver to you right away
- Spring strong enough to hold down strings yet easy to move
- Easy enough for a child to use
- Clear tone every time
- Tough and long lasting, yet light-weight
- The FunKY Capo That Doesn't Take Itself Too Seriously
- Incredibly light-weight
- Cool color
- Tough and long lasting
Free Online Lesson With Your Purchase
- Exclusive totally free video to all customers accessible ONLY on our internet site www.funkycapos.com
- Included in the box is a password to a free lesson of some of the best riffs out there
- We will include new riffs regularly
Life time guarantee - any concerns, we will give you a brand-new one right away
Click buy and put the FUNk back into your music!

Click for more about this guitar capo product

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