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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Paint set - great kit of 24-color paint 

I discovered this particular set to be wonderful, small watercolor paint set with a multitude of fun, vibrant colors to select from. I once ordered a basic watercolor paint set which simply offered the six colors of the rainbow, so I appreciate that this unique set presents many colors yet is competitively charged. Even when blended with water, these colors appear sharp and brilliant, which is exclusive to other watercolor sets I have experimented with that are generally way too dull or subtle on paper.
I also love the handy, small packaging of the set - my other watercolors came in bottles which were hard to store, whereas this set is actually light-weight and folds up much like a naked make-up palette does, making it very portable and easy to store. Even with the full set being so small, each one of the capsules held a decent amount of strong color inside them, a fantastic function since watercolors can often go out or become diluted too soon.
I was happily surprised to discover that it came with a paintbrush and little tube of white color intended for combining to desired tones. The brush allows for clients to fast attempt the set out of the box instead of needing to get a paintbrush if they don't already have one.
General, it is a high-quality set that features wonderful, intense colors at a excellent price.

The top paint to create unforgettable image.
- your images will have a vivid, well-defined colors.
- your kids will pack easily the paint into school bag - bag won't be heavy
- twenty four colors enable the creation of multi-colored pictures
- no need to buy an additional brush
- white paint allow color mixing and to obtain desired tone

If you need your picture stand out quality and depth of colors then this paints are a good choice. Whether you're at the start of the adventure of painting or you're already an advanced artist this paints provides you excellent quality of your work

- twenty four strong colors
- lightweight package
- outstanding color coverage
- painting on paper, wood, material, canvas
- made from non-toxic materials
- brush and tube of white color in the package

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