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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New8Beauty Nail Art Kit Set - Great Present for TeenagerBeginners Nail Technician Prime 

Among the most famous forms of body art is the nail art. Combining colors on your finger nail is among the unique forms of art that has been applied onto the human body just like makeup. Now, you can do your own nail art with the charm nail art kit.
It has all things that you require in painting your nail like a nail striping tape strips, guide sticker labels for French tip, nail file and Emery boards. All these products are all in one plan, and you can get them for a sensible cost.
Additionally, the nail kit also has all things that you require for DIY nail decoration designs, and if you're that artistic, you can even produce your own design. Another extra function to this nail art kit is vibrant 3D rhinestones and neon appeal gems that you can stick onto your nails once you're done coloring your nails.

Learn more about this at amazon.com/Nail-Art-Kit-Set-Rhinestones/dp/B00RFP3U1O/nail art kit set/

3D Rhinestones Colorful and Neon Charms Gems Wheels Nail Striping Tape Strips French Nail Suggestion Guides Stickers - Nail File Emery Board - DIY Nails Design Design Add-on Tools Supplies Great Gift for Lady Girls Teenagers Kids Beginners Nail Technician Prime Each Nail Art Kit
Package include:
• 3D Colorful Rhinestones nail art studs - 1 pack
• 3D Neon Color Fluorescent Rivet Pointer Studs Design - 1 pack
• Nail Art Design Striping Tape Line - 10 pcs Various Colors
• Nail Suggestion Guides Stickers (French, Chevron & Teardrop shapes) - 5 pack
• FREE Nail File - 1 pc
• FREE DOWNLOAD of Nail Art EBook - teach and give you concepts of making gorgeous an innovative nail arts with New8Beuaty Nail Art Kit Set
60 Days Money Back Risk FREE Guaranteed

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