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Saturday, May 09, 2015

Cost effective Selfie Stick for iPhones and Galaxy Phones 

If you resemble me then you enjoy to take a trip and post pictures on Instagram, but don't want to pay $300 to $400 on a Go Pro. I recently saw this selfie stick that holds your phone and extends approximately 4 feet and you can snap an image with the push of a button. Most importantly it's only $10! Wow!

Things is that I was looking for a go pro on amazon.com and the costs were outrageous. The reason that I wanted a go pro was since of the selfie stick that it included. Nowadays, the iPhone and galaxy cameras have enhanced their photo quality, and I have no doubt it will eventually be as great or better than any pricey video camera in the market.

Another excellent aspect of purchasing a selfie stick for your phone is that you do not need to ask strangers to take an image of you. I imply it's actually irritating to me when I'm traveling and somebody asks me to take an image of them, and the language obstacle its humiliating.

I am happy with my small purchase of the selfie stick for my phone. If you wish to purchase one to own click on the link listed below. They are available in four colors black, blue, pink, and red. Blue is my favorite!

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The leading item for best angled selfie pictures

- Pairs up with your bluetooth device
- Perfectly fits every iphone or galaxy phone
- Will not scratch your phone
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Find out more at http://www.amazon.com/Selfie-Stick-Action-Rod-Extendable/dp/B00VSJ6NMQ/Selfie stick/

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