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Friday, May 08, 2015

Auto Detail Microfiber Drying Towel - Heavyweight High Performance Tool. 

I take terrific pride in caring for my automobile and keeping it in condition. So I'm constantly looking for the right tools to assist me to make my job simpler. I searched for a hard wearing cloth that would not leave streaks or marks and more crucial, would not scratch any surface areas. I have actually shopped high and low for the ideal cloth and frankly it's been pure aggravating.

Anyway my partner is a committed Amazon buyer. Even my work colleagues buy all type of items from Amazon and they trust it as a shopping experience. So I started browsing on Amazon for the ideal drying towel for my requirements and hey presto, I discovered these Performance Pro drying towels. And let me tell you they are fantastic for the super high level finish I require and this waffle weave makes the job a lot simpler and quicker too.

When I got my auto towel (with fantastic super-fast delivery by Amazon), the packaging was basic and minimum waste and there were good guidelines with the order. However the terrific thing was the follow-up emails with a list of the best ways to look after the towel in order to{to get the very best use out of it.

So I have actually been impressed with this Amazon purchase. It meets my requirements. I recommend you click the link below and order yours and try it out for yourself if you appreciate an excellent surface for your car. I believe you'll be as amazed as I am!

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The Secret to Perfect Detailing Begins With Perfect Drying. CycBuzz Performance Pro Drying Towel is a soft, highly absorbent waffle weave microfiber towel enhanced with a satin edged border to make drying your car to a high specification surface efficiently.

Main Features
* 16" x 24" Great for any size automobile.
* Long lasting and Easy to wash 400 GSM Premium Quality.
* High grams per millimeter offers reliable quick drying.
* 80/20 Blend- polyester and polyamide
* High Absorbency - takes in seven times its weight - heavier than other similar sized towels hence takes in more water.
* Waffle weave fibers are divided, making significantly bigger surface area to soak up more fluid efficiently.
* Made from artificial fibers, so can not be recycled. Nevertheless can balance out in terms of paper towel and cleaning fluid consumption gets rid of the requirement for harmful cleaning products and disposable wipes making them a useful factor to ecological duty
* Wrings Out well- No retention of excess water and simpler to utilize.
* Achieves much better more expansive.
* Non-abrasive Split Microfiber- Lint-Free, No scratch, No areas, No watermarks, No swirls or streaks - Job done! Specifically designed and produced for use by car trade.

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