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Thursday, May 07, 2015

ArtyBitz Acrylic Paint Set for Artists - 12 Quality NonToxic Colors - Fantastic Price 

If you are like me, you have some acrylic paint sets lying around in a cupboard or drawer that are old (now dry) and pretty much near useless.

I have often purchased my paint sets at discount stores and sadly they have actually turned out to be disappointing products.

I have since purchased a great quality paint set from Amazon. I love making safe purchases and I also appreciate the fast shipping, the comfort of money-back or return and replace guarantees.

The ArtyBitz acrylic paint set that I purchased from Amazon turned out to be a great choice. I received a premium acrylic paint set (for a great price) and was truly amazed with ArtyBitz thoughtful follow-up.

More remarkably (well to me anyway) was that they also gave me a bunch of truly fantastic tips and information on the best ways to effectively keep them.

Not only that, ArtyBitz also offered me some truly useful suggestions on the best ways to actually make use of their acrylic paints - which was fantastic, as I am a novice and not a skilled professional. I now love spending my leisure time painting either by myself or with my children.

Like some of you, I have had bad experiences with purchases in the past, but, I am truly impressed with the ArtyBitz acrylic paint set; the purchase was easy and I have found it to be really worthwhile.

If you are in the marketplace for some quality acrylic paints, then I encourage you to click the link below to purchase the ArtyBitz Acrylic Paints now, and see on your own what I am talking about. I am quite sure you will certainly be impressed! In either case, remember to have a good time with the ArtyBitz Acrylic Paint Sets!

Get yours now at amazon.com/Canvass-Titanium-versatile-Beginners-Professional/dp/B00QEHF1P2/Acrylic Paint set/

High Quality Paint Set - Designed & Manufactured to attain premium outcomes

11 x 12 ml (0.4 US fl.oz) of Bright Acrylic Colors that will satisfy most of your Painting requirements.

Plus 1 x 21 ml (0.7 US fl.oz) large tube of Titanium white color to blend with the other colors.

Aluminium tubes with Screw caps to preserve and extend the quality and lifespan of the paints.

Satisfaction is guaranteed with a 100 % Hassle Free "Return & Replace" Policy.

The paint colors consist of lemon yellow, vermillion, yellow ochre, crimson red, sap green, viridian, burnt sienna, cerulean blue, burnt umber, ultramarine blue, lamp black and white.

Another fantastic aspect of these artist quality paints is that they can be put on most paint-able surfaces, including the stretched canvases, wood, glass, paper and plenty of other surfaces.

ArtyBitz acrylic paint sets are uniquely batch coded with a production date during the production process guaranteeing commitment to excellence.

The Paint Set also conforms to ASTM D-4236.

Despite your level of experience, ArtyBitz acrylic paint sets are versatile enough to be utilized by beginners, children, grown ups and professional artists alike.

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