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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

X- Shade - Car Portable Window Curtain (1 Piece) 

O&T Success LLC a nation wide provider of cost-effective line of simple however functional and top quality car sunshade., announced the debut of their new Automobile Sunshade - Folding Window Sun Shades 1 Piece.

Folding Window Sun Shade is a one hundred% brand new and created with high top quality material – polyester. It is has a see-by way of screen that delivers visibility for the driver and passenger. It also supplies UPF 25+ to block UV rays, glare and heat.
Folding Window Sunshade is very simple to clean and install it quickly. It has a UV protection sunshade with heat insulation functions. Straightforward and Do-it your self installation, Appropriate for the side windows of all automobiles.

Are you tired of placing up a window car sunshade that does not remain put?

Now is the proper time for you to try X-Shade Automobile Folding Sunshades - The Very best Automobile Sunshade That Blocks UV Rays, Sun Glare, and Heat - Or You Can Return It To us Assured!

The X-Shade - Window Automobile Sunshades shields children from UV rays, sun glare, and heat although they are in the rear seat of your car. You can easily attach, reposition, remove and reuse the shades, which have a unique cling design with a lightweight, reinforced frame. The mesh-like fabric delivers an ultraviolet protection aspect (UPF) of 25+ although still delivering visibility for the driver.

Are you going on a road trip?
The X-Shade Window Automobile Sunshade gives you a cool and comfortable ride in seconds! It is created with tough, soft twist frame that folds quickly for simple storage and when you are ready for some shade, just pop it open and the dual layer mesh material clings to your car window that blocks dangerous UV rays, with no blocking your view. It is simple to install, remove and reuse.


Learn more about this at http://www.amazon.com/Car-Folding-Window-Curtain-Windshield/dp/B00RV9FU9O/car folding window curtain/

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