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Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Only Selfie Remote with Built in Rechargeable Battery That Also recharges Your Phone 

Great New Design For Selfie Remote

If you are a fan of taking quality selfies and explore image chances, then a shutter remote is important.
I currently have a selfie stick and a shutter remote, however just recently bought a various design of remote. I suched as the concept of having a remote that has a long lasting power supply. I suched as the fact that this remote would likewise provide a back up power charge for my cell phone at the very same time.
To my delight, this remote ended up being a beautiful design and merely felt fantastic to use.
I bought it from Amazon, which always make me feel protected about making an online purchase and it was provided promptly.
Now I am taking my new remote and my selfie stick with me increasingly more frequently and are liking the outcomes.

1 New Bluetooth Shutter Remote with a built in 3000Mh Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery.
1 Mini usb Cable that can be used to connect your remote to your phone and top up the battery charge (of your phone)
User's manual Which uses simple diagrams to help make the process of linking up your cell phone extremely easy.
Quality product packaging that reinforces the quality of this product.

This remote Links up quickly to all cell phones via bluetooth
Holds a long charge (enabling you to not have to fret about running out of batteries or charge when taking essential images )
A satisfaction assurance or cash back - ensuring a confident and safe purchase.

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