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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Awesome Life-changing Selfie Stick with High Quality for an Affordable price 

This might sound a bit weird however I could not fathom that something as simple as an selfie stick would make me this excited. It feels like a small sensation that I found a remarkable solid, sturdy selfie stick that not only over delivers but also produces moments for life. On top of that, the customer support is among the best I have really ever experienced.

Keep on reading and I will explain.

Learn more at http://www.amazon.com/Selfie-Stick-Extendable-Built-Adjustable/dp/B00TAKNNAU/New 2015 Selfie Stick/

Have you ever felt that you wish you could fit everything and everyone in the very same image? You want that you had an extra arm so everything and everyone combined with the background view could fit in the picture. Are you also tired of asking complete strangers to take a picture of you and your friends or family and the results is often a blurry image where only half of your head is included? If so, you and I are very much alike. I'm from an active family, where free time is typically spent doing all sorts of activities or sports with both friends and family. When I'm on vacation, celebrations, in the city and even simply back in our garden, I like to take photos and share them with my friends and on social medias. I also typically offer the family-photos away as Christmas or birthday presents (It's terrific to give granny and papa, they get actually pleased and it's inexpensive ;)). However, each time I feel a little sorrowful due to the fact that it's hard to fit everyone and myself in the same image.

So one day last week I went down to the mall and saw a sign for an inexpensive selfie stick. I've seen all the hype about it and been asking myself for a while who is buying these? Strolling around in the mall it struck me that it ought be precisely what I need when taking my pictures so I could catch everything I've ever desired when taking photos. So I bought myself one and was eager to try it. It was a shitload of fun... the first 5 minutes. Then it broke; the arm went into 2 pieces. It was basically useless and virtually scrap. This was a pitty, I 've already started to imagine how I would catch all the activities that I'm preparing to do this summer season and all the terrific memories I'm going to make without having to ask a strangers for help to take my pictures.

I could just not let this slip out of my mind, so I started google. Being a big fan of Amazon.com, enjoying their large range of products, quick shipping and generous money-back guarantee that ensures you are always pleased with your purchase, I decided to give them a shot with this one.

The selfie stick extends to a full 3.21 FT and then folds into a compact and handy 0.61 FT monopod making it easy to tuck into your back pocket or a knapsack or tote. Moreover, the selfie stick has an adjustable phone and camera holder that fits most devices and quickly connects via Bluetooth. I've never ever had any problem matching it to different phones, even if it's been among my friends iPhone or my Samsung. To top all of it off, the selfie stick has zoom function that works completely outstanding with my Android and I've got some actually amazing pictures. Now I have the selfie stick with me wherever I go and now matter exactly what I am doing, it constantly comes to use and gives me terrific value and a lot of happy memories. As some of you probably know, it's hard to take the awesome selfie or groupie but with this it's a piece of cake.

Not only did I get a great extendable monopod for an excellent price, however also the follow-up and customer support actually impressed me. Ensuring that I got my product on time and, as an extra gesture, providing me some important guides totally free of charge was actually terrific.

Perhaps I have really simply had bad luck with my previous purchase, however I have really never ever been so impressed with a brand-new product like this in the past. If you are searching for an selfie stick that giving you to take above-crowd images or videos wherever your view, giving zoom function for most Android smartphones, have extremely high quality with no slippery rubber grip and providing you to create, capture and share your memorable memories, then this is certainly the one to obtain.

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