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Saturday, April 18, 2015

SpyCrushers 8GB USB Hidden Voice Recorder 

SpyCrushers 8GB USB Flash Drive Voice Recorder.

The SpyCrusher 8GB USB Flash Drive Voice Recorder is a discrete device that can be linkeded into your laptop. It has the unsuspecting look of a USB, however it has the capability to tape-record 15 hrs of continuous sound recording on one charge. It is wonderful for legal representatives, insurance policy representatives, arbitrators and journalists because of its inconspicuous look. It has an Easy Plug-And- Play feature that makes transferring files easy. It can withstand 150 hrs of continuous recording and continuously charge once linkeded into the USB power slot.

Although this is a fantastic device for usage in concealed voice recording, it can also be utilized functionally for lesson lectures, conferences, and board meetings. This digital voice recording USB is a lot easier compared to previous products utilized for audio recording. It has a basic on/off switch for easy activation unlike, lots of voice recorders that have loud keys that arouse curiousity. It is also of high top quality and provides clean, clear sound recording.

The Very Best & Tinest 8GB USB Flash Drive Covert Voice Recorder On The Planet.
• Simple On/Off switch activation.
• Easy Plug-And-Play functionality for quick file transfers.
• New function that enables recording while charging or connected to a USB power source.
• Integrated 8GB flash drive memory.
• 150 hours of constant recording.
• 15 hour operation on a single charge.
• 30 day refund guarantee.

The SpyCrushers 8GB USB Flash Drive Voice Recorder is the ideal device to use for class, lectures, meetings, interviews or any needed audio or voice recordings jobs. The SpyCrushers 8GB USB Flash Drive Voice Recorder is offered exclusively by Crushers Inc.

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