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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Perfect for the Wind Instruments, Acoustic or Electric Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Violin, Banjo, Trustworthy 

It is incredible that you can get this specific Elegant Tuner on a really Low Cost! Full Colour Display along with Clear info
• Accurate, Precise as well as Sensitive Tuning
• Clip on (vibration method) - Mic (sound recognition method)
• Note and String number shown (on Guitar-Bass-Violin-Ukulele modes)
• 360 Degree Display Swivel and even more (2 Swivel points)

All of the Buttons are within the Front Panel No undetectable buttons or functions to make things hard
• Work with all Real Tuner functions by pressing the actual buttons within the front Panel.
• Everything you need is your eyes!

• Clear as well as Informative Colour Display.
• select the Clip On mode with regard to Vibration recognition Tuning (for high decibel Environments, while your group plays).
• select the Internal Mic mode for Sound Recognition Tuning (you can also sing into it and it detects the actual note)
• Automated Power Off (for power supply conservation)

1. Tuning mode: Chromatic/Guitar/Bass/Violin/Ukulele/musical wind instrument (key: C, D, Eb, F, Bb)
2. 2. Tuning range: B0 (30. 87 Hz) -- B7 (3951 Hz)
3. A4 calibration: 430-450HZ (default 440 Hz)
4. Tuning way: Clip/Mic
5. Tolerance: / 1 cent
6. Power:3V CR2032 battery (one piece)
7. English Manual Included
8. Battery Included
9. Flat Tuning (b-bb-bbb-bbbb)

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I play acoustic guitar and ukulele and everytime I try to keep my musical instruments tuned, particularly when I perform in front of people or with friends. I need a method to tune my instruments correctly and as quickly as possible. Real Tuner was the solution to my problem. I am able to tune all of the strings of my musical instrument within seconds and then focus on my music. This small music accessory has assisted me to perform better and listen to my music accurately. No more playing music with out of tune instruments! My friends fell in love with its modern style.

Just Clip it on headstock of the instrument and it will work by vibration. Play any kind of note and it will display the note. Play your bass strings and it will display the string number as well as the note. When the needle is on the Yellow side then it is a Flat. When on the Red right side it's a sharp. When in the center then your string is tuned. It truly is so easy and accurate! Background noise doesn't affect it. You can easily always use the sensitive inner Mic function when at home or with friends. You'll find more functions (like flat tuning, Wind instrument tuning etc). All the details is displayed within a beautiful full color bright screen and every one of the buttons are arranged on the front panel. It truly is so user-friendly.

I bought the product from Amazon online. (They offer you fast shipping and delivery plus money-back guarantee with your purchase). It turned out to be a wonderful decision. I was able to get this quality tuner for a low cost. What impressed me more was the incredible followup they had ensuring that I received my product. They made me feel special as well as unique!

If tuning your instruments quickly as well as accurately is really a necessity for you, then I encourage you to click the link below to order your own Real Tuner now and see for yourself. I am certain that you will be more than impressed!

Get yours now at amazon.com/Real-Tuner-Instruments-Chromatic-Guarantee/dp/B00TDGW532/Musical Instrument Tuner/

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