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Sunday, April 26, 2015

My Moment at the Apple Store at Fifth Avenue New York 

I understand this sounds crazy however when I initially got my iPhone 6, I held it in my hand, amazed. I thought it was the most stunning thin fine improved piece of technology I had actually yet owned.

I liked the size of the screen, the clearer bigger HD retina display. The multi touch was remarkable in every detail. Considerably thinner more connected and more power effective, this iPhone was an ultra thin dream. Everything about it felt fantastic in my hand other than .... it was the MOST SLIPPERY iPhone ever. As a matter of reality, I am an iPhone devotee, my phone history dates back to the iPhone 4.

It was right at the counter at the Apple flagship store on Fifth Ave, that I dropped it for the first time. It simply escaped from me. Thankfully my hand was simply 2 inches away from the countertop. That's when I knew, as much as I didn't wish to encumber my phone, I demanded to secure it.

Black on black, glossy, thin and streamlined. This iPhone 6 was the most stunning piece technology - even much better than the iPhone 5, which I simply excitedly gave up. It was a challenging call whether to get the space gray iPhone 6 4.7 or the white or gold.

I was really alerted days before going to The Apple Store. One evening over a glass of wine, I had actually seen my pal David had actually gotten himself an iPhone 6 Plus, wow it was beautiful!

I inspected every angle, how the product harmonized, how the buttons were positioned so intuitively. It was interesting and simple to behold, however strangely enough, it was his case that got me even more interested|that grabbed my attention. First you have to understand that David has a sense of aesthetic like nobody I have known before, and he shares (like me) has a love for Apple design. You see, this precise design and vision that created this seamless masterpiece of technology, how could you simply cover it anything? That would be crazy! Yet this iPhone required some form of defense. This would be the first iPhone I really bought a case for or felt the need to protect. I for many years held just a naked iPhone. With the 6, I demanded to add a bumper skin or something that might keep it protected. However it's so vital to me not obscure the remarkable design.

Being an admirer of his design, I was naturally curious about this slim streamlined case. He always had rather interesting and special collection of things. Distinct tastes. And he did it once again. This ConVeX case was rugged however slim and streamlined, i think I fell in love with the kickstand. This was the way to go. He popped it on the stand and began streaming "Shark Tank", my favorite series. Then he showed to me a clip of his most current interview ... it was fantastic to enjoy! As I held the case in my hand, it gave me the balance of slim grip and defense. All the edges of the iPhone were enveloped by the shapes as well as. Even the screen does not touch any surface area when positioned face down! This case was as amazing as the phone. Adding a slim and streamlined, stylish seek to my masterpiece.

The streamlined design of the Treaded ConVeX Case by ClearX Labs was the wayone to opt for me. The only option left is which of the many colors do I pick?
Thank you David and Convex.

ConVeX Wants You SAFEGUARDED. The Treaded Series Brings Your Focus on Artistic Detail. Practically Every Aspect is Enveloped in 3 Measurements.

Utilizing materials borrowed from Aerospace design and Crash Helmet Innovation, Convex covers all 4 sides of your brand-new iPhone.The profile of the Treaded Case draws rugged TPU from idea to edge with a sexy sweep of silicone plus strikes it up in the back with a kickstand.

Rugged Protection Dual Layer ConVeX Case is insurance you desire from scratches and drops. Secure your iPhone 6 (4.7) with the current in technology and design. For those who desire Sporty and Stylish Protection without all the bulk.

You've Got the Coolest Phone get The most recent in Protection Innovation. Including a Snap out/Snap back Kickstand

TREAD PROTECTON SERIES iPhone 6 The most recent in Case Innovation. Same product is used in Crash Helmets and Jet Fighters. Offers 360 degree Dual Layered Protection.

Here are Features Our Customers Love the

- ConVeX Case is made with TPU, Modern polymer that is light-weight long lasting and shock resistant.
- Designed to hug your iPhone 6. Exact suitable for brand-new iPhone 6. Quickly offers defense and access to all buttons, ports, and cam and speakers.
- Design permits screen protector to be added
- Wrap around BUMPER design secures corners
- Touchable Matte and Gloss Dual Complete. Provides you grip.
- Our Customer Service is unsurpassed

Available for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus in a wide variety of stylish colors. Secure your financial investment. All items include a No Hassle Assurance

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