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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Customers Discover New Uses for Handy Waterproof Card Holder Case Boxes 

When MJH Innovations decided to market water-proof charge card cases, the company created a list of possible uses and benefits. Their list consisted of the most typical uses for standard card safes such as carrying room keys and spare money for travelers, a water resistant holder for charge card, ID and money for outdoor sports, and a crush-proof dry-pack to keep valuables safe and dry throughout outdoor activities.

Nevertheless, when the testimonials started being available in, the company discovered just how flexible the rigid ABS plastic card cases can be in the hands of their creative consumers. While the typical consumer buys a card locker to keep their charge card, IDs, money and room keys safe when they're out on a jog or bike ride, some creative consumers have adapted the extremely affordable water-proof plastic cases to other uses.

An events organizer, for example, fills hers with a small sewing and repair work kit with numerous threaded needles, a small tube of acrylic glue for stopping stocking runs and some safety pins so that she is ready for any closet malfunction that might mar somebody's wedding day.

A regular camper reports that he has turned his water-proof card case locker into a convenient fire-starter kit by filling it with water-proof matches, a flint wheel and some twine.

Traveling with youngsters has its own hazards, not the least which is the threat of getting separated from several of them at an amusement park or other tourist attraction. One mom relieved her mind by turning the card box safes into in a case with helpful products to be made use of just when lost. Each kit has an ID card with telephone number for both moms and dads and a company card from the hotel where they're remaining, in addition to a little money for treats or a drink. That way, if the family gets separated, she knows each child will have some important contact details on them.

Water resistant card holders are also being adapted to hold a miniature emergency treatment kit to tuck into a backpack or baby diaper bag. They easily hold numerous adhesive bandages in various sizes, a disinfectant wipe and a couple of packets of antibiotic ointment, best for play area and poolside mishaps.The water-proof charge card cases are made of clear blue ABS plastic, with a molded loop for the connected carabiner and an included matching wrist strap.

Perhaps one of the oddest and most unforeseen uses of the convenient water-proof card boxes happened as a result of the voters in Colorado, Washington State and Washington, D.C., that went to the polls to legalize the sale of cannabis.

MJH Innovations, which offers the water-proof card holder cases throughout the UNITED STATES, has seen an unexpected spike in sales in Colorado showing that cannabis purchasers in those states might have discovered an alternative use for the convenient card safes.

Though the cases are marketed as a safe way to carry charge card, loose money, automobile secrets and other small products, it turns out that they're the best size to hold numerous hand-rolled joints. The tough plastic ABS cases not just keep the contents dry, however also prevent them from being crushed and mangled. Each case has an attached carabiner clip that can be secured to a belt loop, or held on the zipper pull of a bag or backpack to keep it convenient and within reach.

The sports cases are water resistant and have an O-ring seal to keep the contents safe and dry, even in a heavy rainstorm or an accidental dunking while swimming. The light-weight case is crafted to float, so it will not get lost or sink to the bottom of the sea if it's dropped over the top throughout a canoe or kayak tour.

The extremely affordable priced dry box card lockers are available for purchase online while supplies last in single and double packs through Amazon Prime, with complimentary two-day shipping for Amazon Prime members.

2 Pack Special/ Double Pack Offer - Waterproof, crush resistant ABS plastic resin sports locker box. Save your charge card, money, drivers license and hotel room key in this personal waterproof card holder box. Stash your valuables to keep them dry and safe while delighting in outdoor activities at the beach, boating, hiking, climbing, swimming and more. Carabiner clip, ring holder and additional strong light-weight wrist ribbon included. Order with confidence! 100 % Money-back Satisfaction Assurance!

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