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Friday, April 17, 2015

Apollo iPhone 6 case - CLEAR, STRONG, TRENDY to PROTECT your PHONE 

An Excellent Clear Case for your iPhone 6 if you enjoy Design, Durability and Unrivaled Value

If you're like me, you probably utilize your iPhone 6 all day everyday, and you probably enjoy the color and design. You likewise probably require a case to protect it from drops and scratches. I'm pleased to say I discovered a case that allows the iPhone 6 to display its color, secures it from dents and dings, and is comfy and practical. Plus it features a totally free gift (more on this later)!

I really have not ever thought much about exactly what kind of case to get for my iPhone, however when I got my new iPhone 6 I chose to give it some thought and research.

I went to Amazon (the only way to shop and compare products in my opinion) to look around at the various cases, and I chose to give this one a shot. The clear case is fantastic and the cost is excellent, however exactly what really separates this product from the others is the totally free water resistant bag that is included with it. It's best for carrying your phone in addition to keys, ID's, cards, and so on. It's a $10 value totally free, and I make use of the bag more than I thought I would!

As far as the case itself, the Apollo Case fits perfect, secures all sides, and the edges are raised enough to protect the screen when the phone gets dropped. I have the gold iPhone 6, and I enjoy the color and didn't want to cover it up with a case that's bulky and ugly, however this clear case lets the color shine through well. I didn't consider it initially, however I have actually come to enjoy the anti-slip grip on the sides, and I really enjoy how the volume controls are two different buttons (my last case had one huge volume button and it could be a pain in some cases).

I didn't think I would be so impressed with an Amazon purchase of an iPhone case, however I feel like got my money's worth and then some. If you need an iPhone 6 case, or aren't pleased with your present case, I encourage you to click the link below to purchase one today. I'm sure you'll be as pleased with the Apollo Case as I have actually been!

Say goodbye to "Mr. Shattered Screen" permanently with the best iPhone6 case on the market
You've got 99 problems, but a busted phone isn't one Secures all sides of your iPhone 6
Fits iPhone 6 perfectly
Clear color secures and highlights the color of iPhone 6
The "Apollo" case incorporates superior security with stylish design
Your iPhone is vital to your life. Do not be without it just because you drop it! Fed up with cases that are either too bulky or too inefficient? Raised sides prevent shattered screens
Clear case highlights the sharp colors of the iPhone 6
Strong side bumpers protect your phone from life's everyday bumps and bruises
Texturized grip on sides to prevent slipping and sliding out of your grasp
Different buttons for sensitive and precise volume up and down
Designed particularly to fit around cam lens and all other phone ports, jacks, and buttons
This case is named after the Greek God Apollo, the Protector of evil and the God of Arts, and Truth.

Drops, bangs and thumps profane to your phone. Let Apollo protect it!
iPhone 6's have artistic and classy colors which the Apollo case allows the world to see. BEST LIFETIME AND REPLACEMENT WARRANTY OF ANY IPHONE CASE Click the button at the top of the page to protect your investment today !!!

Check this Apollo iPhone 6 Case product out at Amazon now

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