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Friday, April 17, 2015

An Amazing Novel To Read (The Scorpio Directive) 

You have experienced this, right? You discover a novel, or one is suggested to you and you merely can not put it down. Your creativity is caught and with each turn of the page, you discover yourself excited and unable to stop or not put it down. This novel has to be be part of with that category. I can attest to its fine writing style and plainly defined images. From the plot to characters, you will certainly not be disappointed. Thanks to my Kindle Fire by Amazon, I had the ability to discover this work of art that was the book for our book club.

I have belonged to about 5 various book clubs in my lifetime. After years of mediocre book clubs, I had actually found my match and was delighting in the book selections that were selected. This novel takes the cake without a doubt.

Without offering the story away, the adventure centers on three opponents. There is the cyber genius, Muslim terrorists and a mysterious fellow that goes by the name Bocata and belongs of the occult. You will certainly discover yourself on the edge of your seat as the clock ticks to help the nation from the dreadful hazards of madmen hell-bent on ending the nation. The author, George Duncan, is a mastermind at offering twists and turns in the story, historical interjections and a masquerade of characters that are credible and add to the excitement of this novel.

Don't take my opinion for the high marks I provide this book. Discover for yourself. I can tell you by the high evaluations this book has actually received, you will certainly not be disappointed.

Learn about this book at http://www.amazon.com/Scorpio-Directive-Drake-Evangeline-Hardy-ebook/dp/B00GWU5YYY/thriller novel/

CIA representatives John Drake and Evangeline Hardy uncover a trio of opponents-- Muslim terrorists, a cyber genius, and the strange guy Bocata, who has links to the occult. Their plot: to unleash a three-prong attack on the United States. With a cyber hack attack that renders the country helpless as all electrical systems closed down, a missing nuclear submarine, and demonic forces released versus the country, America's opponents have forged an ideal storm that threatens to drive the United States to its knees. Will Drake and Hardy uncover the plot in time, or will terrorists prosper in causing these nightmares on the country?

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