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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Xuralux iPhone 6 Screen Protector - Clear Premium Tempered, Explosion-proof Glass 

The # 1 Technique to Help Protect Your iPhone 6 Screen from Smashing and Scratching

It really is great finding something that is as advertised, and works like it should. Everyone at some point has ordered something from a site, only to be let down that it did not work or arrived broken. Thankfully this iPhone 6 screen protector arrived as marketed, and then some.

Anyone with a smart phone has broken their smart phone at least once in their lifetime (nearly as painful as subbing a toe). You then buy a case to help protect the smart phone, and if you're me, take it one step further and get a screen protector. Having something to take the blow to help safeguard your iPhone screen is a must I think. What's also great about the screen protector is it does not scratch. I have actually attempted it (accidentally), and it actually does not scratch. It's truly bonkers.

Considering that I am a regular shopper on Amazon.com, I was happy to find this screen protector on there. Shipping was fast, and I'm happy it was |because immediately after I put on it, I dropped my phone! Thankfully the protector was on to take the blow, because the screen on my iPhone did not break or crack.

I should also add that provided in the packaging were some easy instructions on the way to apply the screen protector, and they even threw in wet and dry wipes so you can wipe off fingerprints and dust when installing it.

I am truly very amazed with this purchase. If you are in the market for a screen protector (or not even), then I encourage you to click the link below to order one now. You won't be disappointed!

The # 1 Method to Help Protect Your iPhone 6 Screen from Breaking and Scratching

The Best Screen Protector for Your iPhone 6

- Fits to the Edge of the Screen
- Nanostructred Finish to Add Toughness
- Scratch Resistant
- Explosion-Proof Film
- Silicone Finish
- 9H Surface Hardness
- Tempered Glass
- HD Clearity
- Easy to Set up with Pre-Applied Non-Sticky Adhesive

The iPhone 6 Xuralux Screen Protector is the First to take a Hit From Accidents

By having this screen protector on your phone, dropping and shattering or scratching your iPhone 6 screen is less of a worry

Xuralux Screen Protector Includes:
- One (1) Screen Protector
- Setup Directions
- Guide Stickers to Help Align the Screen Completely
- Dry Dust Absorber Wipe
- Wet Dust and Fingerprint Cleaning Wipe

Backed by a Lifetime No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee!

Click the Link Blow to Help Protect Your iPhone 6 Screen Now!

Get yours now at amazon.com/Protector-Xuralux-Premium-Tempered-Shatter/dp/B00RM4BMT0/iPhone screen protector/

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