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Saturday, March 28, 2015


Like all the Apple users, I've gone through a great deal of quickly busted cables. I have lost my faith in Apple cables long ago, and chose to purchase dozens of least costly lightening cables knowing that they will be lost or busted eventually.

Back in the early days it was OKAY to use 3rd party cables. But that's not so much true anymore. Despite whether you believe it's a money grab by Apple or a genuine concern to protect our tech (I suspect it's some of both), non MFi (Made for iPhone/iPad) cables refuse to work more and more with each iOS releases.

Just then did I see Syncwire cables, with a lifetime guarantee. "lifetime replacement with no questions asked" really wowed me, so I figured, why not give it a shot?
Quickly I got my cable. It worked really well at the beginning, but after a number of weeks the metal connecter bit that suits the mini iPad broke off. Its not very low-cost so I expected it to be stronger. I entirely forgot about the guarantee stuff and I tossed the cable away.

But guess what, soon after leaving a review, I was gotten in touch with by a very useful customer services person who was really worried that I was disappointed, and instantly offered to replace the cable. I was shocked as I had not asked for a replacement as I could not send it back, and I planed to go to replace it myself again. Then I received the replacement from the company, without even asking for it. I really would like to say that it is a very good item and a very good company who can be trusted!

After I got the replacement I got 3 more cables from Syncwire due to the fact that I simply dislike to carry a cable with me all the time. My way is just simply to purchase a few more cables and put each one in each places, so that I will never accidentally lost them while carrying them. And also if somehow one of the cables got busted, instead of buying or borrowing one while waiting for the replacement to arrive, I could simply use those spare ones, keeping me from any worries!

Highly suggest it!

Syncwire is the ONLY cable that will built to last.
- Completely support iTunes, Data Sync and Battery Charging.
- It will not let the cord stop working after sometime or malfunctioned.
- Premium Quality Apple design that fits all aftermarket cases or accessories.

Exactly what makes us stand apart from the rest?
- Premium LIFE TIME GUARANTEE Service from Manufacturer Syncwire to protect your investment.
- Apple MFI Certified cord to protect your Apple stuff for heavy usage.
- Strong compatibility to work with Most iOS devices. You certainly will NEVER EVER get the "NOT COMPATIABLE" screen.
- With top quality and sturdy engineering, Syncwire Lightning Cable is a must have for your home, your cars, taking a trip and more.

Strong compatibility.
- Apple iPhone 6/ 6Plus.
- Apple iPhone 5/ 5S/ 5C.
- Apple iPad Air 2013.
- Apple iPad mini/ iPad Mini 2 II with Retina Display 2013.
- Apple iPad 4th Gen (with Retina Display).
- Apple iPod Touch Fifth Gen.
- Apple iPod Nano 7th Gen.

LIFE TIME Replacement Warranty.
If you find any defective product, just follow our warranty guideline.
we will replace your cable or give your cash back with no questions asked.

Lets stop wasting your time & cash on all those quickly damaged cables - Get your LIFE TIME guarantee Apple MFi Cable shipped today.

Learn more about this at http://www.amazon.co.uk/Apple-Certified-Syncwire-Lightning-Cable-white/dp/B00J0S6QZ6/Apple iphone Charger/

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