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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

BTM Magnetic Polka-Dot Folio Smart Protector Cover for Apple iPad 4th - Orange 

Get the real show-off with affordable price tag. This polka dot iPad case offers defense, slim profiles and functions to help with access from buttons and ports. The defense is terrific while the sturdiness of the external shell is much better. This is created to survive falls and fractures. The soft product on the interior is gentle so scratching the iPad screen is avoided. A remarkable grip is indisputable. It is more comfortable to handle. The iPad case can also be customized for a stand-alone use for a much convenient viewing. An all around iPad cover for girls with a trendy and teasing design! So this is totally worth your money.

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The iPad Polka-Dot Folio Case Cover showcases wise cover technology that puts the iPad to sleep when closed, and wakes the iPad up when opened. The case also has a stand function for much better viewing. This is an excellent product to keep your iPad safe and stylish all that the very same time.
The new iPad Polka-Dot Folio Case Cover wise cover provides you the ability to secure your iPad, and look stylish at the very same time ...
Smart cover technology enables your iPad to sleep when closed, and awaken when opened
The protective case will secure your iPad if dropped.
The iPad iPad Polka-Dot Folio Case Cover wise cover acts like a stand for a better iPad view.
Inner plastic clips to the iPad to keep the iPad from moving around.
This case will NOT fit the iPad 1st Generation
Apple iPad 2nd Generation
Apple iPad 3rd Generation
Apple iPad 4th Generation
NOT suitable with the iPad 1 Gen

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