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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Top Quality IPhone6 Case Thats Inexpensive And Will Guard Your Phone While Keeping Its Look 

I have always been a enthusiast of iPhone, so as soon as I heard that iPhone 6 is releasing I booked it in advance. The thing that I adore the most about iPhone6 is its slender look, light weight and amazing color combination.

I started searching for a perfect case which can protect my phone while keeping it light and thin. During my exploration on amazon.com which I do for most of my buying online, (love the fast shipping plus they have a really reassuring money-back guarantee that ensures you are constantly contended with your purchase) I came across this new iPhone case called iGelaf. I read the item description and found it to be just what I wanted. I bought it right away and received my transparent iGelaf protective case within 2 days.

First thing that I admired as soon as I got the case was top quality packing of the case itself. I realized that I had made the right decision there. After having used the case for a while now I must concede that this case protects my new iPhone6 against scratches and spills without adding any weight to it.

The thing I like the most about iGelaf iPhone6 protective case is that it fits my phone perfectly, it gives easy access to all ports and it also protect the phone from slipping (the metal frame of iPhone6 is quite slippery) hence giving easy grip and peace of mind. Adding to that the company gives a Lifetime Replacement Warranty of the case too.

So I must say that iGelaf transparent Case for iPhone6 is the ideal match for my iPhone 6 providing it protection yet keeping it light weight and enhancing its original color.

If you are in the market for a quality iPhone6 case that maintains its look and feel, then I encourage you to click the link below to order yours right away and see for yourself. If you decide to try them out, share your thoughts, I am sure you will be more than impressed!

Find out more at amazon.com/iGelaf-Ultra-thin-Protective-Anti-scratch-Transparent/dp/B00QE4IM0Q/iPhone6 case/

With iGelaf Transparent Cover enjoy the sleek look and feel of your iPhone6

Designed Explicitly for Apple iPhone6 4.7 Inches. Your iPhone 6 appears like an iPhone 6 – Exact fit for your iPhone 6 with cutouts for speakers, camera and all ports providing you easy access.

- Simple, well-designed case made with soft TPU material.

- Ultra transparent, Extra 3600 safety with covered edges and a raised edge to protect the screen from scratches.

- Anti-slip quality: providing you perfect grip and ease of mind.

- Very light, revealing the genuine color and natural look.

- Soft inner enhancing its Shock absorbing capacity.

- Waterproof case guards your phone against inadvertent spills.

- It is non glossy so it wont leave marks or scratch easily.

Lifetime Replacement Warranty of the CASE from Elixem helping you protect your iPhone from scratches for the lifetime of the phone.

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