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Monday, February 23, 2015

Exclusive Owl Pendant Charm Crafted by US Artisan A Delightful Pendant for Owl Fans 

My Beautiful Owl Necklace Brought me Good Luck!

My owl necklace means more to me than most of my other jewelry for the most part because I feel owls are some of the more incredible birds in the world . My friends have dubbed me "owl lady" for as long as I can remember, and now my youngsters seem to be following in my footsteps! Two weeks ago the three little ones began making high pitched owl sounds in the driveway right when it turned dark, and (I kid you not) a cute little screech owl answered them from the trees nearby! I had to quiet the kids up fast so they could hear his call, and you should have seen those little faces! Their eyes were as wide as the owl's probably were. Yes, nature lovers flourish in my family.

That's why I went hunting for an owl charm that was hand crafted by an owl lover. It takes one to know one, if you know what I mean. But the attention to every detail and the obvious love of wild birds really is obvious in this artist's design. Her necklace not only LOOKS like an actual owl, it has the genuine nature of an owl. I ordered mine from Amazon last week, and I had it within three days. When I opened the package, I could not believe the stupendous detail in the pendant. And… it was quite reasonable in price! Well, it cost a little more than the cheap Chinese factory types. After all, it was designed and produced in the USA by a real craftswoman. To me it was worth every penny. I have no doubt I will have this pendant for the remainder of my days, and then will pass it down to one of my owl-loving kids.

I've heard people saying that owls bring good fortune, and I can't swear this is true, however I have been enjoying more than my share of pleasant things occurring since it arrived. Undoubtedly it's just that this gorgeous piece gave me such a lift! I would without a doubt recommend The Magic Zoo owl designs (yes, there are several more of them!) for any owl lover out there.

FINALLY-A LOVELY, HAND MADE OWL NECKLACE CHARM The Leading Owl Pendant Present for Your Number One Nature Animal Lover Now has arrived!
• Striking design is perfect for women and teen girls
• Durable, detailed fine pewter
• Hand crafted in the USA
• Will arrive on a feel-good black 18" rubber necklace with a lobster claw clasp
• Will not tarnish or change to a different color after long wear
You Can Now Wear a Special Owl Pendant Design by an Artist & Made in the USA Proclaim the fascination that you or your loved one has for owls with this delightful necklace. Florida artist Merry Rosenfield is a talented animal lover who work is inspired by the wildlife and human connection. This is a simple, stunning design.
Be Prepared for Compliments When You Wear This Gorgeous Owl Necklace
• Our fans let us know that the most often heard remark they hear regarding their Magic Zoo owl pendant is "That's gorgeous! How did you ever find it?" The pendant is 1 3/8" tall by 3/4" across and can be worn by ladies or teen girls.
• Two blue glass Czech beads complete the design
• If you would like to put it on your own cord or chain, just remove the pendant off ours and onto yours! The Magic Zoo gives a 2 month, 100% satisfaction, no questions asked money-back guarantee

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