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Friday, February 27, 2015

Emergency Escape Glass Punch, Seat Belt Cutter, Tire Gauge and LED flashlight 

On my way home a pick-up passed me on a one lane country road. They appeared to be in a hurry and the roadways were icy. About 1/2 mile ahead there was a RR track which was raised a bit taller than the road so I could not see past it. A few seconds after the truck passed the tracks and disappeared from my vision because of the raised tracks, I saw a pick-up truck flying up in the air. I almost believed I was dreaming, it was just a flash in my vision. When I came by the RR tracks, off to my right, about 100 feet off the road was that truck that passed me. It was upside down and a guy just beginning to move away from it and heading my way as quickly as he seen me. Obviously I stopped when I got there, he was all excited and bloody shouting that his pal was pinned under the truck and he couldn't get him out.

I called 911, then we went to truck and the other young man was conscious and talking about how he was going to die and how cold he was it (was about 15 degrees and windy).
We had him out before help showed up, the ambulance took both of them to the healthcare facility and both were shocked but alright. (my vehicle had their blood all over the inside due to the fact that I was trying to keep them warm and calm till help showed up).

Anyhow, when you run upon an accident it actually makes you more aware. Things happens, and it can occur to you or your family members in a blink of an eye. We all must be more ready.

Boston Enterprises has a multi-tool that will certainly do 4 essential things for every driver and it can be found on Amazon. I always take a look at Amazon due to the fact that I know that good deals can be found there in addition to distinct items. Amazon is popular and many individuals, me included, would rather just discover exactly what they require on Amazon and purchase it than waste their time and gas going to establishments and battling the crowds and the traffic. (and the majority of the time you can get totally free shipping).

This escape device allows you to slice tangled or jammed seat belts. The window punch device conveniently folds away into the handle for your safety, then with a push of a button it springs out in a locked position to be utilized as a hammer escape device to shatter the side window for an emergency exit. Then there is a LED flashlight and a digital tire pressure gauge all together with one sturdy, masterfully created multi-tool.

See more about this seat belt cutter product

ESCAPE TOOL every Car needs| just in case a Mishap should occur to your Family member

EMERGENCY SAFETY BELT CUTTER slices through your Jammed or Tangled Safety belt after a Crash

LIFE HAMMER/PUNCH to break out the side window in order to Escape a Burning or Sinking Car

LED FLASHLIGHT for Emergencies or just to discover that loose change under the seat

DIGITAL TIRE PRESSURE GAUGE to 150 PSI with Big Lighted LCD Display

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