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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

BTM Magnetic Leopard Folio Smart Protector Case Holder for Apple iPad 4th Generation - Pink 

You simply got your iPad, now you are worried about its security, protecting it from scratches bumps or falls. A great quality case is a must for each iPad users.

It's a hard PU leather case that fits your Apple iPad like a glove and offers durable security versus impact damage.

The integrated premium plastic security sealed the case from the within. Inner plastic clips are also offered to keep the iPad from unneeded moving. The case is also flexible for a stand that is suited for keying and seeing angle.

On top of that, its beautiful design complimented with shades of pink and white is best for girly personality.

Learn more at amazon.com/BTM-Magnetic-Protector-Generation-Protective/dp/B00J2DHYC8/ipad cases and covers/

The iPad Leopard Folio Cover includes wise cover innovation where sleeps when closed and wakes when opened. It can be utilized as a stand for a much better watching.


The new iPad Leopard Folio wise cover gives you the capability to safeguard your iPad, and look trendy at the very same time.

Smart cover innovation enables your iPad to sleep when closed, and get up when opened.
The protective case will safeguard your iPad if dropped.

The iPad Leopard Folio wise cover acts like a stand for a better iPad view. Inner plastic clips to the iPad to keep the iPad from moving around.

Beautiful solid color
Made with smooth PU leather
This case will NOT fit the iPad 1st Generation


Apple iPad 2 Gen
Apple iPad 3 Gen

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