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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

This High Quality XLR Microphone Cable Lets Your Music Really Sing 

There's a ton of professional XLR cables out there, from the cheap crap that breaks in a week, to the stupid-expensive audiophile stuff. In the end, you just want a cable that's going to work every time and not be a total ripoff.

Here's a brand of mic cables that's new to me. It's called Cool Cables. Has a cool alliteraton to it..don't ya think? Anyway, I saw this high quality 20 foot XLR microphone cable on Amazon.com It uses a type of copper wire called Oxygen Free Copper. This is a refined quality of wire that is typically used in audiophile cables. Only you won't be paying way too much for this one. Apparently, this OFC wire let's your music come through really cleanly, without distortion.

I've tried other cheap XLR cables that had these low quality plugs where the wire broke the next day. These Cool Cables have those professional quality connectors that you can pay a lot more for from the pro audio shops.

On the Amazon page for this cable, I liked the description of what makes these cables better, so I ordered one. I have to say I was immediately delighted with it. My acoustic guitar recording had this smooth, clear quality that my other cables couldn't match. Not only that, the guy who runs Cool Cables sent a couple of emails, making sure I was totally satisfied, which I was. They made me feel really good, knowing they really stand behind their product. You never get this kind of attention from anyone selling on Amazon. I'm going to grab a few more of these cables, real soon.

If you're a serious musician or a band and you want your music to really shine, you really should check them out by clicking on the link below. I'm sure you'll be just as impressed as I am.

Your music matters to you. You don't want a cable that breaks down during the climax in a live gig. Cool Cables gives you absoulte confidence, knowing your mic cable will be there for you..day in and day out. The rugged, die-cast plugs keep the wires from breaking easily at this critical point, like the cheaper cables do, providing you with many years of reliable music-making. You can't get these superior microphone cables anywhere else. They're only available at Amazon.com.

Find out more at amazon.com/XLR-Microphone-Cable-connectors-exclusively/dp/B00LTFGPT0/xlr microphone cable/

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