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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Nightblade&mdash;A Cutting Edge, Epic Fantasy Novel Series 

You can look everywhere for good books to read, but it feels like the pile gets bigger every day. So many books, whether traditionally published or independent, just aren't worth your time any more. So a tip on a great new author is like finding a piece of gold in a pile of trash.

Garrett Robinson is becoming a BIG name in the self-publishing scene. A recurring guest on the Self-Publishing Podcast, the world's biggest podcast on the topic, he's put out over a million words in multiple genres, and his army of rabid readers grows bigger by the day.

Nightblade is the first book in his latest grand fantasy series, and reviewers are raving about it. Originally published as a serialized book, this is the first compilation volume and has topped numerous bestseller lists on Amazon. All told, the series has over 175 reviews, all of them massively good.

Available on Amazon in paperback and ebook, this could be the start of your next favorite book series. And there's a bonus—if you get the print book from Amazon, they'll give you the ebook for FREE as a thank-you.

Check out Nightblade, the first book in the series. It's an exciting, heart-pounding story of adventure, and is perfect for anyone who loves reading good fantasy.

A thrilling tale of adventure, with people you’ll never forget.

Loren has been born to cruel parents and raised in an obscure forest, resigned to an unremarkable life under the sway of a father who beats her. Loren’s goals have almost burnt out—until fate rekindles their light into a flame that will consume the world.

When Loren meets the fugitive wizard Xain, she believes she can hope again. Escaping her village, she finds the nine kingdoms more complicated and dangerous than she could have imagined. But at long last, she’s ready to face the challenge or perish in the attempt.


Find out more at amazon.com/Nightblade-The-Volumes-Volume/dp/1941076076/new fantasy books/

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