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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Clear Flow Hose is Fully Recyclable and NSF Approved Garden Hose Product 

The Clear Flow expandable hose has been suggested by a variety of professionals in the horticulture market. A great many believe it is a necessity for small lawns and larger applications alike. It has been compared versus a variety of other hoses that claim to be efficient in heavy duty work and continuously come out on top. Those who study and rate garden hoses continuous basis are impressed by the simple use of this hose that is so environmentally friendly and efficient in providing clean, drinkable water.

This one-hundred percent Recyclable and Eco-friendly Clear Flow Hose is the current trend in Eco-friendly products to consider the drinking water we as human beings consume, and offer to our livestock, animals, and plants. This hose is made from NSF Approved Materials and tough polyurethane making it freeze resistant, expandable and kink-less! It is the most in-demand Garden/Water Hose in North America. Tough enough for gardening, agriculture, farm, animals, all horses, RV camping, boats, nurseries, construction sites, campers, and the food industry.

The whole hose is recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly selection and, it features a 10 year warranty, sweetening the offer further!

If you're a home owner like me you've been through countless garden hoses. I've even followed expert blogs and studies on the subject, and my best discovery came after a years of study and tests by EPI, Inc. in Canada. The Clear Circulation Water Hose is a trending garden hose product that is quickly sweeping the North American market. Here's why:

The Main Benefits/Features:
- No Lead, BPA Free
- Made in North America
- Drinking Water Safe
- No Rubber Taste
- Really Lightweight
- Heavy Duty Fittings and Material
- Kink Free
- Four Sizes: 25 ft, 50 ft, 75 ft, 100 ft.

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