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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ariana&#039;s Art forty-eight Artist-Quality Colored Pencils - Only set with Unconditional Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty! 

At last, Economical Artist-Quality Colored Pencils You Cannot Afford to Be Without

Have you ever entered an art supply store and paid $80 for a set of colored pencils that are then constantly breaking while drawing or even worse yet, while sharpening them? Well this may sound silly to you since we are talking about colored pencils, but I am definitely delighted about some colored pencils I came across that have actually ended my frustration! I was so pleased I even went on and bought some for my older children.

If you are anything like me, and I admit I'm somewhat of a deal hunter, I simply like getting a good deal; aware that I got my buck's worth, and then some. I came across a set offorty-eight colored pencils by Ariana's Art that professed to be artist-quality that were truly economical. I couldn't conceive that they were providing a Life time Satisfaction Warranty. So being that I am a great fan of Amazon (I love their fast shipping and the fact that they provide a 30-day money-back warranty that ensures you are consistently satisfied with your purchase), I determined to try them.

Wow! What an enjoyable surprise; It seemed like someone up above had at last taken a liking to me. The pencils arrived in excellent shape without breakage. Then as I set about testing them they felt every bit as good as the premium pencils in retail stores for about half the amount! What I really like though, is that they have a soft core with rich pigmentation for fantastic color saturation and they genuinely do blend very efficiently.

However my second surprise was that the pencil carrying/storage case that is added as a reward, is in fact extremely high quality and handy. (My children saw it and it has vanished into their knapsack and I eventually needed to get them their own, but that is another story). Even the sharpener it came with works very well.

To top all this off, Ihave received some handy ideas from Ariana's Art that were really useful, even though I consider myself to be reasonably experienced with colored pencils.

Perhaps I have simply experienced more frustration in this area than others, but I have actually not at any time been as impressed with a purchase of art supplies, and if you are in a search for quality colored pencils, I highly advise that you click the link below and give these pencils a try and see for yourself why I like them. I am confident you will certainly be amazed.

Learn more about this at amazon.com/Arianas-Art-Quality-Colored-Pencils/dp/B00OKZ9XMM/colored pencils/
- Announcing ... The Colored Pencils that are winning the hearts of artists everywhere!
When you try these colored pencils, they will charm you over too!
Ariana's Art Vivid Color pencils were created specifically for Artists and older art students. We have actually striven to offer you with a quality product that inexpensively meets your requirements in colored pencils while removing the disappointments typically experienced with colored pencils. - Our pencils will effortlessly sharpen; our soft cores are strong and we ensure in case of breakage.
- No broken cores or mistreated pencils during shipping, ensured!
- All our leads are properly centered and will certainly not fall out.
Our pencils are made with high quality basswood with soft cores that furnish superb blending and shading.
Deep, rich pigmentation for smooth color saturation; effortlessly layered and simple to burnish. Perk! This premier set will definitely come with a quality canvas carrying case for your pencils, a pencil sharpener and quality eraser at no extra charge!
- Triangular shape provides more convenience while drawing.
- 48 Forty-eight different colors with black and white.
The Only Colored Pencil Set Backed by a Life time No-Hassle Free Replacement Warranty!

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