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Thursday, January 08, 2015

10X Rules Journal: Success Is Your Calling 

I have actually been pursuing success for over 15 years and I thought there was no such thing as an 'easy button' for individual development.

I was right.


I just completed reading the 10X Rule book by Grant Cardone. Fabulous. A must read for those who wish to move up and advance by giving more value than most clients and consumers can stand.

I followed up this great book by listening to Tony Robbins' Awaken the Giant Within.

After listening to Tony's audio it struck me that I should get a journal to document my experiences with the 10X Rule (more on this later). Tony is a big advocate of doing exactly what is working now. Pattern yourself or your actions after individuals that are where you wish to be. You can quickly spot them, right?

Obviously. And, no it doesn't need to be Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan, however you can still learn some things from these individuals like their commitment to their craft, their work ethic, willingness to FAIL, etc.

Well, the quantity of time I spend writing isn't essential since every day you most likely commute back and forth from work. Or maybe you require a little time to de-stress as you shuttle your little girl to dance class like I do.

As it turns out, writing in a journal is nothing new. I recalled writing in Third grade
English class with Mrs. Murphy. Writing in a journal must be needed of all entrepreneurs,.
business individuals, those wishing to reduce weight, get fit, make more cash, discover their enthusiast today.
You name it, writing in a journal has actually been shown to be efficient for bringing you closer and closer to
a development, a eureka moment.

Just consider the thousands of exceptionally effective individuals that composed things down and then showed.
faith and nerve to develop that which they have actually composed ... Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Napoleon Hill, Mary Kay Ash,.
Arnold Schwarzenegger and the list might go on into infinity here.

Truth be told, there is nothing that is stopping you from doing just exactly what I did. Right now at Amazon there I purchased my.
10X Rule Journal. Inside I record my experiments, my successes and more importantly my unsuccessful results too.

The very best source for getting your 10X Rule Journal is most likely Amazon.com since they have a return policy that is second to none. In reality, I think they patterned their return policy after another well-known seller ... Nordstroms Inc.

The point is you are protected with anything you purchase from them. Just in case something takes place to the product you purchased, you will get your money back rapidly and quickly, without needing to go after a vendor around the internet.

If you really want a terrific personalized 10X Rule Journal you can check out a copy today at Amazon while products last.

Or read on for a bit more details on this product if you are actually thinking about success. I can not suggest it more highly.

Check this out at http://www.amazon.com/10X-Rules-Journal-Success-Your/dp/1502330393/grant cardone/

Grant Cardone created 10X Rule Business and Motivation book. This journal tracks your own journey to a higher level of success that can be yours from taking the actions detailed in his New York Times Bestselling book the 10X Rule.

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