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Thursday, December 04, 2014

Use California Microfiber Car Duster Mop To Clean Home and Cars 

The California Drought Duster Car Brush is an outstanding tool you can utilize to clean your car's interior, car outside, or your house. The car duster brush is an eco-friendly cleaning mop as chemical cleaners and water are not needed in order to get your car and house dust-free.

This duster brush is light-weight, has a comfy handle, and can be stored quickly under your seat. The car duster determines 11x3.5 x1 inches. It is an outstanding option to other cleaning rags and towels; eliminating dust not just moving it around. Unlike towels; you will utilize this brush each time you clean. It is easy and have numerous brushes to use when and where you like. Along with the perfect product for your car, this brush can be utilized to remove dust in your home. Home electronics (laptops, ipads, stereo parts, and tvs), mini-blinds, furnishings, appliances, and cabinets can all be dusted without scratching or leaving cleaning residue.


The California Microfiber Car & Home Duster Will Keep You Dust.
- Made to remove dust; not just move dust around.
- Brush does not scratch car and furnishings surface areas.
- Light weight, miniature mop moving towards easy storage.
- Great for cleaning household products such as home devices, furnishings, TV's and small blinds.

Save Water while You Clean Your Vehicle and Home

This microfiber duster is developed to raise dust from car and furnishings surface areas. It is not necessary to utilize water or cleaners while utilizing this dust cleaner.

Eco-Friendly Design to Conserve Water

- This vehicle duster is ideal for interior and outside car cleaning & cleaning your home in a dusty environment.
- Perfect dust mop to keep your household & car clean.

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