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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Plektron Guitar Pick Case with Assorted Thin, Medium and Heavy Gauges 

If you are anything like me, you lose guitar picks all the time. Man, how frustrating that can be. I spent time and cash looking for good picks just to have it vanish and having to begin all over again...

So last month, I was hanging at a friend's home and saw this cool little pick holder when he pulled out his guitar. The bright colored plectrum inside (it's a clear case) captured my eye, so I asked him about them - he basically said that each color pick is a various thickness. I'll confess I'm not that knowledgable in the different sizes and gauges of guitar picks - I sort of just use whatever I have or whatever the guy in the shop recommended to me. So when my pal was going on about playing with assorted picks, I thought it was pretty fascinating. The real kicker was that he explained given that he has the case, all of his picks are arranged so he does not lose them anymore ... seriously? He had me at the bright colors.

So I've since gotten them from Amazon - what's cool is I got them cheaper than I did on any picks I've ever purchased in the music store! I'm a quite big fan of amazon in general since they make buying stuff incredibly simple - I got to look into the testimonials, they had fast/easy shipping and a guarantee if I wasn't pleased with the item.

What actually impressed me was they followed up and gave me these tips on what each guitar pick thickness is for, ways to grip the pick appropriately, etc. This assisted me out a lot, cuz apparently I've been using them wrong!! And since I started applying the tips with my new picks, I feel much better about my control of the pick itself and more confident in my playing.

Anyhow I've constantly been wondering if there is a method to keep my picks without losing them. Luckily for me I found this item and I don't have to design something new - I can just purchase it. The picks are so simple to use, especially with those frequently asked questions and tips they sent me. If you have similar concerns, have a look at the link below to purchase your very own and see for yourself. Then tell me what you think about them!

Find out more at http://www.amazon.com/Guitar-Picks-Cool-Box-Professionals/dp/B00PHYFQ3K/guitar pick case/

Never lose a guitar pick anymore with this helpful and simple to use case. These plectrums can be used for Acoustic and Electric guitar, bass and mandolin!

Each case has 4 unique colors and plectrum sizes so you can find the one that works for you.

Each pick has the ideal shape for convenience and playability. Every guitar pick in this set is celluloid to ensure optimum sturdiness and tonal quality.

Contains: 12 Thin .46 mm, 16 Medium .71 mm, 16 Heavy
.96 mm, 12 Extra Heavy 1.2 mm picks in a Long lasting Plastic Case

You are safeguarded by our life time, no questions asked guarantee.

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