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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Guitar Plectrums - Gift Storage Box - Special Box of 100 - Heavy, Medium &amp; Thin 

I got a birthday present of these guitar picks in a gift box by Big Dog Guitar. I was surprised at the quality. They are stunning in three colors. They come in Thin, Medium and Thick. There are one hundred guitar picks in the box with the BigDogGuitar logo. Pretty coolneat.

I enjoy the storage box given that it keeps my picks apart. Plus they are easy to take with me. I can even add more picks that I had already. I do not believe I will run out of guitar picks at any time soon.

In some cases I want a medium, and sometimes I want a thick guitar pick. It cool to have such a variety at hand. I sure am pleased I got this as a gift!

***** The PERFECT Christmas Gift/ Stocking Stuffer For Your Favorite Guitar Player *****
Give yourself (or another person) the gift of the BDG-PVB100 kit box of 100 guitar picks.
You won't run out for awhile for sure. These stunning guitar picks come in red, green and blue in heavy, medium and thin sizes. Some tunes or guitars may feel better with a thin pick. Some shredders simply should have the heavy picks. The medium is a great compromise for all types.
This titan of a case is little enough to bring with you.
This pocket size flower shaped box makes a fantastic Christmas gift, birthday gift or gift for any occasion truly. The picks are provided to you in an appealing divided clear gift box that keeps your picks separated by thickness.
This BEAST pack of picks won't let you down.
You will have sufficient picks to last so you won't mind it so much when you lose your preferred pick. You can offer them to your friends.
These celluloid picks have that pearl shine that you see on some guitar pick guards or drum sets. It is a genuinely timeless design. The colors are dazzling and bright. The BigDogGuitar logo is a popular design as well.
Fulfillment Bullet Proof - 30 Day Cash back Guarantee
Show all your friends you can keep up the huge dogs!
And remember ... "You sound better with BigDogGuitar.".

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