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Monday, December 29, 2014

Cut your Electric Bill Today 

Most of us over the last five years have noticed a slow but gradual rise in our electric bills. It is no secret that energy costs are going up and in several circumstances more rapidly than inflation and our wages are not keeping up.

The smartest purchase you make this year could most likely be a box of new LED bulbs.

Investing in the most current LED bulbs may possibly look costly but if you do the math they will be saving you a lot more overall. You could finish up saving over 240 Pound a year according to some articles in the UK primarily based on current energy costs.

LED light bulbs are about ten fold more energy efficient than regular filament light bulbs and about 3 times more energy efficient than the CFL(Compact Fluorescent Light) bulbs so a 60W filament bulb will produce roughly the same quantity of light as a 6W LED bulb.

The explanation for this is that those filament bulbs use most of that 60W of power producing heat and are quite inefficient at producing light but an LED bulb creates quite little heat and converts most of the energy into light, as they do not get hot they are safer as well.

So let's do some maths and see just how much you could save.

If for instance you have ten light fixtures with old style bulbs and every light is 60W then that is 600W of energy or 0.6kW.

Now energy is sold in Kilowatt-hours (kWH) so ten lights will consume 0.6kWH every hour they are on. A typical Unit rate in the UK for electricity is 12 Pence per 1kWh and coincidentally in the US it's about 12 Cents per 1kWH.

Let's make our maths effortless and say that you have all ten lights on for ten hours a day, we can base this on retirees who could well spend longer at their property during the day.

That is 0.6kWH x ten which equates to 6kWH

At 12 Pence or 12 Cents per kWH that is 12 x six = 72

So every day the lights would cost you 72 Pence / Cents

Per week that is 72 x 7 = 5.04 Pound or Dollars of electricity.

Or 5.04 x 52 = 262.08 Pound or Dollars per year, just for your lights!

LED light bulbs are ten fold more energy efficient so swapping to ten LED bulbs would lessen that bill from 262.08 Pound or Dollars to 26.21 a year

Now the cost of LED bulbs may possibly be far more than common filament bulbs but one 6W LED light bulb would possibly set you back about 7 USD or 4 GBP. So that is 70 USD or 40GBP for ten. The bulbs will pay for themselves in energy savings in less than five months. Yearly savings would be in the region of 230 Pound or Dollars a year nonetheless the 1st year would be a bit less as you must take off the initial cost of the LED bulbs.

LED light bulbs are also much longer lasting so across five years these bulbs could save you greater than 1000 Dollars or 1000 Pound. Even if energy costs remain fixed for the subsequent five years.

That is why LED light bulbs are such a great investment and an effortless way to save cash starting today.

Take a look at our range of energy saving LED lights to see how much money you could save by changing to LED Light bulbs.

The top wholesaler for LED Lighting is Chinavasion as they offer a 12 month warranty on every single LED Light ordered directly through them.

(Energy rate guide from shrinkthatfootprint webpage average-electrical energy-costs-kwh)

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