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Friday, December 12, 2014

Air purifier And Ionizer for Automobile. Bigger Negative Ion Amounts. 

What a terrific discovery! I have never come across an air purifier/ionizer for your automobile. I have only previously bought air fresheners that conceal odors. Pro Gifts Air Purifier/Ionizer is an incredible product.
I have always had air purifiers for my home. Growing up with allergies and asthma was difficult.
Since I began using my automobile air purifier, the air simply smells so clean and fresh. I also like that it eliminates viruses and bacteria.
It is effective after working out or playing sports and after that driving home. Sometimes the odors are pretty strong. Specifically when you pick up teenagers after practice or games. I use to have to open the windows to air out the automobile. Now the air cleanser does the work for me.
It makes me delighted understanding that I am keeping my family much healthier.

Healthy air purifier and ionizer for you auto.
Gets rid of smoke, dust and pm 2.5 air toxins. Eliminates benzene and formaldehyde. Lowers undesirable odors in your automobile. Kills bacteria and viruses.
8th new generational patented product.
Bigger negative ion amounts (4,800,000/ cc) and more powerful smoke dispelling function.
Boost concentration and alleviate automobile sickness.
* Manufactured by Ionkini Technology Ltd. U.S.A/ China partnered. Leading brand name and trendsetter in automobile air filtration.
Do not simply conceal odors with air fresheners. Eliminate them from your automobile.
Great for use in new cars, used cars, rental cars, taxi's. For smokers of all types. Assists with after sports exercise body smell penetrating your automobile. Individuals with allergies. Pets in your automobile.
Working temperature level 14 degrees to 104 degrees F.
Storage temperature level -4 degrees F to 140 degrees F.
3-5 Year Lifetime
1 Year Guarantee

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