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Sunday, December 14, 2014

4-Pack Organic Bamboo Muslin Baby Blanket Set Designs of Scripture &amp; Lambie. Best Baby Shower Gift! 

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11. These are the words that can be enough to lift one's spirits and guide one's soul to be influenced and happy. Lambie & Me, as a believer in the goodness of people, has actually selected this amazing scripture from Bible to be the newest swaddle blanket design in addition to the design of the Lambie mascot. This new line of swaddling blankets are unique in every element. To begin with, these blankets are established to be naturally soft and comfortable. The muslin weave swaddle blankets are made of rayon from bamboo fibers, which are well-known for the smooth structure. As soon as the blankets are out of the box, one can feel the gorgeous smoothness with the natural material. Furthermore, the fabric material is well-known for getting softer with every wash. That is the magic of the muslin weave, it is lightweight and surprisingly breathable

So, how do you know that the material is breathable? It is simple! The weave itself shows the possibility to let the air come in and get out of. This way, when the child is wrapped with the blanket, the body temperature level can naturally control heat and can regulate quickly while letting the fresh air in. This is like a natural ventilation system placed there within the blankets.

The new designs of the scripture and lamb add more reason for care. It is like bestowing the child with the gift of love, care and knowledge completely. Can there be a much better method to invite a newborn in this world?

The blankets not only make fantastic choices for swaddling and snuggling the child with warmth, these likewise assist in being the best nursing covers for moms. Likewise, you can make use of these as stroller covers, sun protector and exactly what not! Each pack of blankets had 2 pieces from each design, which makes it a fantastic gift for child showers, while supplying with proper value for the investment made.

To obtain the fantastic new swaddling blankets in two brand new designs from Lambie & Me, check out their Amazon Shop today!

The design on these blankets are one of a kind and promote themselves. Any family will be blessed to wrap their infant in the words of God and cover them with the security of the lamb.

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