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Sunday, November 09, 2014

Everything You&#039;ll Ever Want From Your First Power Kite - Amazingly Fun and Safe Kite 

When it comes to choosing your 1st power kite, where do you begin? I hope this gives you an insight into how my nine year old daughter and I selected ours from the numerous brand names there were to pick from.

The main challenge we came across when choosing a power kite was that from all the information available online, the kites on videos and in images all look really similar. So while this research narrowed down the popular brands from many to just 4, it was time to see the kites in the flesh.

We headed to Southsea where we had previously been inspired by the hundreds of kites of all shapes, sizes and colours being flown. No sooner had we arrived in the park, we got chatting to these recreational kiting folk who were so friendly. We were able to try the 4 different brands of kites we'd read about. They were all comparable in size. When the kites were physically laid out in front of us or we were actually flying them, we saw significant differences - namely in the quality of the construction and the actual performance of the kite in flight.

This is when we first tried the Flexifoil Buzz kite which was one of our selections we'd narrowed down. We loved it! Flexifoil had a lot of favorable reviews on online forums and websites from all corners of the world about the quality and technical performance of their kites.

We saw on Flexifoil's internet site that they are partnered with the BBC, Virgin and Jaguar Cars. We also saw that Flexifoil had a number of World Records to their name. We bought the Buzz kite which came complete with eighteen metre flying lines and handles. What a genius product - delivered within a couple of days, superbly presented, fine quality detail like we'd seen at the park a couple of days before and the kite performs brilliantly as we'd remembered. Best and most fun $79 we have ever spent!

Click this link for more on this Power Kite product

In brief, if you are trying to find a very safe, strong and enjoyable '2-line' power kite then the Flexifoil Buzz is for you. My daughter is nine years old and she's mastered flying it. It's really simple to set up and arrives ready to fly. It includes easy-to-follow instructions and has been dubbed as 'the best introductory kite to power kiting for those aged 7+'.

The kite has exceptional performance, even in the lightest of winds, and packs up small so is easily kept in the house or in the car or in your suitcase. Comes with TOTALLY FREE 'USA' SHIPPING and a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee too!

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